What You Eat: You are what you eat!

We eat food primarily to survive of course. Food provides our bodies and minds with vital energy to maintain health and wellbeing. However, depending on our eating habits, we can either be making a mess or a positive contribution to our own health and that of our fellow creatures and planet.

The Problem: According to Ayurveda, what we eat directly affects not only our physical health but also our mental and emotional health. Foods that are heavier to digest literally weigh us down. If we eat meat, we consume the vibration of the animal, its emotions, its temperament. A organic plant-based diet has no emotional or mental sting in the tail for us. Also, plant food taken fresh from the ground has the greatest supply of prana, life-force, in it. The more prana we eat, the more vitality we literally feed our cells, our brain, our soul. We literally become full of rich, life giving prana.

The Fix:

  • Let the meat live: to eat meat is to give your cells second-hand prana, not to mention the suffering caused as a result.
  • Cut the crap: most supermarket fruit and vegetables are full of chemicals and pesticides that are toxic to your body’s natural balanced system. Buy organic or at least pesticide free fruit and vegetables wherever you can. Source organic food from local growers markets and farm shops for your cheapest options.
  • Anti freeze: frozen food has lost most of its prana or vitality. Avoid freezing or buying frozen food. There is more nutrition in the packaging.
  • Leave the leftovers: avoid food that is more than 3 days old. There is little or no prana left by then.
  • Mismatched foods: different food groups take different times to digest causing disruption to your delicately balanced digestive system. This is one of the main causes of gas and bloating after meals. When planning a meal, avoid combining the following foods together to get maximum results:
    – fruit with other food
    – cold milk with any meal
    – dairy with fish

How You Eat: The Power of Purposeful Eating

Did you know that how you eat has a drastic effect on your body’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients of the food you eat.

The problem: eating on the run is the biggest crime you can commit to your body. Your body requires 99% of its energy to digest. Eating on the run causes gas, bloating and a range of digestive problems.

  • The fix:
    Stop eating ‘on the run’.
  • Pause before you eat anything, take a moment to observe the food. Look at the colours. Take in the smell. This sends a clear signal to your body to prepare for digestion.
  • Colour your chow. Avoid beige food. If your plate is full of beige then its a clear sign its lacking in nutrients.
  • Chew every mouth full until it becomes liquid in your mouth before swallowing to give your belly a break.


Why You Eat: Eating for Profound Purpose (EPP)

The impact of your food choices stretches far beyond your plate. Imagine if you made a conscious choice to make ‘why you eat’ part of your life purpose. To contribute to a healthier you and planet.

How to eat for a life of profound purpose

Our Planet

  • The problem: most supermarket bought foods come wrapped in plastic. Petroleum based plastics take thousands of years to decompose. Even worse, when they do break down they release harmful chemicals into our environment. Check out resusethisbag
  • Your EPP Fix:  avoid buying groceries pre-wrapped in plastic. Find your nearest bulk store for all your grocery needs.


Our Animals

  • The problem: the impact of factory farming to produce enough meat for consumer demand is terrifying. Animals are bred, beaten and butchered in horrifying conditions so that we can have pork on our fork.
  • Your EPP Fix:  this may sound ridiculously obvious, but if you are choosing a vegan or vegetarian based diet, then avoid ‘meat substitute’ foods such as veggie sausages, fake bacon. Not only is this sending mixed messages about our food choices, these products are highly processed and lacking in vital natural prana.


Our Fellow Hungry Humans

  • The problem: One third of all food produced gets ‘dumped’ into landfill sites.
  • Your EPP fix: stop stacking your fridge with food you forget to eat. Check your dates. Use by can’t be eaten after its date but best before can. Plan your meals and shop daily. Get educated. Oz Harvest are miracle workers in this field.


Amrita Anjani, Soul Purpose Mentor ~ for your life and business

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