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Ready to drop into a deep state of relaxation? One of the quickest and most potent ways to instantly untangle your body and rest your mind is with a yoga inversion. This pose belongs to a group of inversions that are known as Viparita Karani, which literally translates as “doing an inversion”.

This pose is effortless and simple to do – it’s possibly the easiest way to go upside down with little to no strain on your system. It’s a dose of time out, while a whole lot of goodness is going on. Plus, you’ll feel the benefits long after you come out of it. Best of all, you don’t need to have done any yoga poses prior to this one to get into it.

When I was working at a fashion magazine and spending hours sitting at my computer, this yoga inversion pose was my savior. It’s a no frills, no mat required pose – just a willingness to get on the ground and rest your legs over your chair. The longer you rest in this pose the deeper your relaxation.

yoga inversion
Adriana Cortozzo practising deep relaxation with yoga inversion, Viparita Karani

Tips for Viparita Karani

I recommend no less than five minutes and anything upwards of 20 minutes should get you ready for levitation (well, sorta). An eye pillow for an extra touch of sweetness will assist in letting go of external distractions.

Once in the pose, take some deep breaths and let yourself settle into a quiet rest. The beauty here is that all the magic is happening just from lifting the legs above your heart. On average we spend six to eight hours horizontal a day and up to 18 hours upright or sitting. Rarely is any of that time spent upside down. Which is really a shame!

Going upside down is the quickest way of turning your focus inward quietly without your body and mind interrupting and pulling you out of it. The drain of fluids to the heart and brain is what refreshes the nervous system. This will improve your circulation, assist with digestion, even help with insomnia. Yep, I have totally done this in the middle of the night and it was a game changer to turning my insomnia around.

Going upside down shifts your perspective on emotional issues and alleviates fatigue. I can’t recommend this one enough. You can opt for legs over the sofa, legs wide apart or even feet pressing together with the thighs opened wide. Another approach is to take the legs up the wall. Anytime upside is a great time for a reset.

Two thumbs up for this one. Let me know how you go with it. Reach out to me if you’d like more guidance with legs up the wall. That version requires further instructions. Find me on .

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Disclaimer: seek medical guidance if concerned about your health. Give it a miss if you have high blood pressure, any history of heart disease, glaucoma, dizziness, in the third trimester of pregnancy or any bulging disc.

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Hi, I am Adriana. I am intuitive. Mother of three, plus a dog named ‘chase’. A plant lover and professional daydreamer. am a flexible thinker, a creative yogi and a devotee to daily doses of beach swims and forest foraging. Did I mention I was intuitive…

When I was 19 years old I was involved in a serious car accident that could of injured me and killed my passenger. But it didn’t because on that day I heard a very distinct, loud voice tell me to instruct my passenger to immediately put her seat belt on. Yep, in those days we really didn’t care too much for safety. As my friend clicked the seat belt into place a car to our left drove through a stop sign, intersecting our car, ramming into us with full force, spinning our car out of control. It was shocking. That voice saved our lives. We came out of the car completely unscathed. I kept repeating “thank God that person told us to put your seat belt on”. She looked perplexed. She didn’t hear any other voice but mine. I grilled her for a while about it. There was no other voice to be heard. With that, my curiosity was fully pricked. What was that voice? Why was I the only one to hear it in the car?

At this same time in my life I met YOGA. Yoga is a beautiful system of facilitating higher states of being. Layer by layer it patiently seeks to explore our soul potential. Without a doubt yoga has been a huge manifestor of intuitive exploration in my life. The aim of yoga is to be comfortable with silence in a body that will allow you time to be still with no interruption. When I enter that stillness and float into silence I come back to that voice. That original source of truth.

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