You may recall a few months back, that we posted a story celebrating the beauty industry for being the most active and sincere when it comes to animal testing.

First it was NZ, then Australia and now we see China, which was potentially the last bastion of animal cosmetic testing, banning the abhorrent practice completely.

That’s right – China has just announced that post-market cosmetic testing in the country will no longer include animal tests.

The announcement — made by the Gansu Province National Medical Products Association — ends cosmetic animal testing for all finished imported and domestically-produced products.

Great news. Now let’s get to work on other household items like dishwashing detergent, flame retardants, inspect sprays, medications and so on and so forth.

While International animal welfare organization Cruelty Free International (CFI) applauds the news as an “important step” toward ending animal testing around the world – and we do not disagree for a second – we still have a long, long road to travel for the critters we share our planet with.

According to PETA, more than 90 percent of animal experiments carried out by the National Institutes of Health – the primary government agency responsible for funding scientific research – fail to lead to human treatments, meaning most testing on animals is “useless.”

The largest animal rights organization in the world added that more than 95 percent of pharmaceutical drugs test as safe and effective on animals but then fail in human clinical trials.

Last year, a campaign launched in the UK that asked the public to support animal-free breast cancer research. Instead of animal testing, the organisation behind the campaign supports pathologists who create human breast tissue that helps them better understand the disease. “Human disease can only be examined properly using human tissue,” it said.

Make your voices heard, dear readers. Yell at these companies with your wallets. Only buy non-animal tested products and those that are eco-friendly and grey water safe. And if you’re in the hugely unfortunate position that you need medical drugs that have been tested on animals, shout to the rafters that there are better ways. We know, you’re probably exhausted and by God, life must be hard for you. But just imagine how the animals feels, too.

If we want a world to live in by 2050, it is the only way forward – that, and going vegan, of course!

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