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tread a kinder path


Stay Healthy Naturally With Turmeric

With the seasons about to change, do you want to stay well and avoid any colds or flu? Would you prefer to do so without having to take pharmaceuticals? Great! So do we and it seems we have the perfect, anti-bug, natural solution. Turmeric. Of course, you’re thinking, we have all heard it before about […]

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Beginner yoga

Beginner Yoga? Here’s What To Expect

Casual conversations with a yogi Maybe this sounds familiar: you’ve been thinking about yoga for a while and you’ve even done a bit of reading about it. You’ve perhaps found some yogis to follow on socials (perhaps even some who specialise in beginner yoga), and you can recall days when your body could contort itself […]

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sleep better

Sleep Better With These Simple Breathing Techniques

Conversations with a yogi… Sleep is the best How amazing do you feel when you wake up after a really solid and peaceful sleep? Most of us are keen to know how to sleep better. And for good reason – your body needs sleep, just as it needs air and food to function at its […]

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Achieve Ultimate Bliss With Pratyahara (Blindfold Yoga)

Casual conversations with a yogi… Do you remember that first time? That first time of being pushed into something that you felt completely out of your depth in.  You still managed to turn up, albeit dressed like a geek, immediately pegged as the newbie, heart in mouth and totally awkward. That was me, walking into […]

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yoga inversion

In Need Of Some Deep Relaxation? Try This Yoga Inversion Pose

Casual conversations with a yogi… Ready to drop into a deep state of relaxation? One of the quickest and most potent ways to instantly untangle your body and rest your mind is with a yoga inversion. This pose belongs to a group of inversions that are known as Viparita Karani, which literally translates as “doing […]

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Foods to boost your immune system

Boost Your Immune System With These Foods

I recently wrote about some supplements I recommend for boosting your defences against viruses. Now, while I believe that taking supplements is a completely appropriate thing to do at this time, I want to help you double down on that by looking some of the best foods to incorporate into your diet to support your […]

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supplements boost immune system

5 Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

For most of us, being in the midst of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is overwhelming experience. Sometimes we may feel, despite our best efforts to distance ourselves socially and wash our hands regularly throughout the day,  a bit like a sitting duck! Thankfully, there is lots we can do nutritionally to support our immune […]

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chia seeds

5 Reasons To Include Chia Seeds In Your Diet

If you haven’t already heard, chia seeds are the latest addition to the growing list of superfoods on the market. It’s a plant native to the Americas, though its nutritional benefits can be traced all the way back to the ancient Aztecs. Today, more and more people are consuming chia seeds, thanks to the many […]

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magnesium optimum health

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium for Optimum Health?

It’s not unusual for a naturopath or nutritionist to have a favourite nutrient, and, hands down, mine is magnesium. I’m certain I’m not alone in that as magnesium is having a distinct moment in the sun, (which, by the way, I wholly support). This mineral is truly amazing and I’m about to tell you why. […]

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vegan nutritional deficiencies

5 Common Vegan Nutritional Deficiencies & How to Avoid Them

Veganism might do wonders for us, for animals and for the planet, but truth be told, there are some essential nutrients that are hard to obtain from a vegan diet. This is because they are not as widely available in plant-based foods or their bioavailability in plant sources is low. This of course doesn’t mean […]

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raising children on plant based diet

Raising Children On A Plant Based Diet – The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik Shares Her Thoughts

A social post went viral recently in which a lady rants at Wellington vegan café owners about their customers not getting the right nutrients from a vegan diet. Well, we’re all perfectly capable of making the right decisions on good nutrition for ourselves, thank you. But when it comes to parents raising children on a […]

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vegan milks

A Vegan Milk Guide. Here’s What You Need to Know

Not too long ago, a decision to avoid drinking animal milks really just meant one thing – soy milk. Now, there are so many alternatives and that can make the decision about which one to choose pretty tricky. To help you navigate the options, we’ve done an overview of the main vegan milks you might […]

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Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit, The More You Eat, The More You Toot

The most common discussion topics for new vegans are (in no particular order) animal rights, mushroom risotto, vegan wine… and flatulence. Actually we just made this up, based on a straw poll around the office. So guess which one we’re going to discuss here? Last week, my five year old brought home a book from […]

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gut health

Improve Gut Health, Get Great Skin!

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? Nobody, that’s who. Because we all want skin that looks lit from within, and because we know a healthy diet is the key to getting it, the original Gut Guru, author and wellness warrior, Lee Holmes, shares with us her best advice on great gut health on a vegan diet. […]

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Can You Be Vegan And Follow A Keto Diet?

The answer is yes, according to naturopath Caroline Robertson, from Flannerys Organic and  Wholefood Market, who explains the whys and wherefores to The Vegan Company’s Lifestyle Director, Shonagh Walker. “The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a very low carb, high fat diet which aims to put the body in a metabolic state called ketosis, when sugar […]

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magnesium rich foods

Why Vegans Have The Upper Hand on Relaxation

Despite the age-old, super-tired stereotype of an angry vegan, science now tells us that those who follow a plant-based diet are actually more relaxed – physically, mentally and emotionally. Why? It all comes down to a super-mineral called magnesium, which is abundant in vegetables, fruits and plant-based foods. “Magnesium is necessary for over 300 enzymatic […]

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Want Better Sex? Then It’s Time To Make The Switch To A Plant Based Diet

Hey Healthy Hottie, Let’s talk about sex today! Anyone else excited? Have you ever wondered if there was a magic potion or pill you could take to improve your sex life? Sorry, but the pharmaceutical industry has been conning us all—we don’t need drugs to have better sex! Nature already has a much more effective […]

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How To Master The Urge Of Snacking – Yes! It’s Guilt Free & Vegan!

In a world of mixed nutritional messages, one of the most confusing concerns the humble snack. To snack, or not to snack? That is the question. Unless you’ve got the discipline of a Zen master, the urge to eat between meals happens to all of us. The question really should be – when I snack, […]

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Are You Burning The Candle At Both Ends? 5 Signs You Need To Slow Down

Do you constantly feel like there’s simply not enough hours in one day to get everything you want done? Do you look in the mirror and shudder at the zombie-like appearance, the sunken hollows of your eyes—a shell of the person you once knew? Up at the crack of dawn to fit in a workout, […]

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‘Come To Your Senses’ … And Consider This Simple and Profound Wisdom

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, perhaps so much so that hearing it repeated across our lives has taken us past the point of listening to what is being asked of us, or understanding the simple wisdom at heart of its construction (and instruction). ‘Come to your senses’ From where?  To what? Well…like an ocean […]

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Having Trouble Switching Off? It Could Be Time To Balance Your Energies

There’s a reason you find it hard to switch off… Do you ever feel like you are moving so quickly that you’re afraid of what would happen if you stopped? Maybe you’ve got huge dreams so you have an overwhelming sense of guilt when you rest. Or perhaps you’ve been brought up in a household […]

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Camille Pierson, Founder Of The UK’s Float Spa, Shares Her Journey To Embracing A Vegan Lifestyle

Before becoming a vegan, I knew the local butcher by name.  I always insisted on the best organic free-range meat and dairy products thinking this was the best option for my health, animal welfare and the environment.  Being surrounded by people who had already embraced a vegan diet helped me to realise that this wasn’t […]

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Minimalism: Do We Need To Downsize Relationships Too?

Lately, I find myself reevaluating the people with whom I choose to spend my time and energy. Minimalism is funny like that. What started as a quest to eliminate clutter and reduce stress, has turned into a full blown lifestyle adjustment. And not surprisingly, my relationships are in for a tune-up as well. Minimalism isn’t […]

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Add Coffee Naps To Your Morning Routine & Feel Like Superman (Or Woman)

Drink a coffee and go back to sleep; sounds counterintuitive, but it may be just the answer to all your stimulation needs. Here’s how it works. Step 1: Drink coffee, quickly. Straight and black is the best option. Step 2: Immediately go to bed for 20 minutes. No more. Step 3: Wake up and feel […]

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Hooked On Drama? Here’s How to Break The Cycle

Do you ever find yourself repeatedly getting into conflict with others? Maybe you find yourself having the same old argument with someone, again and again. Maybe you get involved in heated discussions on Facebook – or you’re the spectator as others engage. Or maybe you’re really into reality TV. These behaviours all serve the same […]

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Feeling Stressed & Anxious? These 5 Essential Oils Might Help

Breathe in, breathe out. A whopping 75% of Australians surveyed admitted that stresses in their lives adversely affected their physical health and while it’s not so easy to not get stressed out or feel anxious there are ways to minimize the way stress affects us, one of those ways being essential oils. Herbs and plants […]

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Seeking A More Meaningful Life? Minimalism Might Be The Answer

Lately, I’ve been questioning my existence and my place in the world. No, I’m not having a mid-life crisis. Actually, my philosophical musings are the result of my minimal living. As I purge the unwanted and unnecessary from my life, I create room for greater meaning and purpose. Eliminating the clutter means that I have […]

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conscious living

There’s Lots Of Talk About Conscious Living. Here’s Why It Matters

It took me 26 years before I sat down and put some thought into what I valued most in life. That’s a pretty long time to be living with no real understanding of what fulfilled me. Looking back I can see myself as a bit of a floater in my early 20’s. I’d breeze in […]

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negative body talk

Caught Up In A Cycle Of Negative Body Talk? It’s Time To Stop

We all have that friend. That one friend who doesn’t seem to understand their reflection in the mirror, and who seems to hate everything about themselves. Whenever you are hanging out they spend half the time talking about how “gross” and “fat” they are, and the other half dissecting other people’s perceived body flaws. I […]

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Everyone’s Talking About ‘Wellbeing’. Here’s What An Expert Has To Say

What is Wellbeing? Enter the word in your search engine of choice, and like Beyonce in the noughties or Adele/Ed Sheeran in the twenty-tens, the hits just keep on coming…is it ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’; maybe ‘one’s quality of life’; perhaps even ‘living life to our full potential’? Happiness, quality, potential. […]

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plant based protein

Here Are 5 Plant Based Protein Sources To Keep You Going

Calling all vegetarians and vegans! Studies have found that the number of vegetarians in Australia has risen from 9.7% of Australians in 2012 to 11.2% today. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or sticking to a flexitarian or Meat Free Monday diet trend and looking to replace your protein source from meat to something more cruelty […]

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