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pig vigil

What Happens At LA Animal Save’s Pig Vigil?

It’s late on a Sunday night in downtown Los Angeles when we set off in the dark, with some trepidation, to attend a pig vigil outside Farmer John’s slaughterhouse in Vernon organised by the Save Movement. I’m travelling with my business partner, Sally, and we’re in LA for Vegan Fashion Week and to meet with other […]

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Vegan Hotel

Vegan Hotel Opens For Business In Scotland

The world’s (arguably) first vegan hotel has opened in Scotland. Saorsa 1875 flung wide its doors last month in Pitlochry, a Highlands village that’s a popular stop for travellers on their way to the famous Loch Ness. The 11-room boutique hotel caters to eco-conscious vegans (or those interested in in being so). “The vegan philosophy […]

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9 Countries Offering Vegan-Friendly Retreats

If you’re an adventurous foodie, a vegan, or gradually transitioning that way, here are nine vegan-friendly retreats on the platter for you: 1. Mexico Straying away from an image of serving only beef tacos or chicken empanadas in the name of Protein dishes, Mexico has joined the group of vegan-friendly retreats. Whether you choose to […]

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destinations for vegan travellers

Planning A Holiday? Here Are Our Top Destinations For Vegan Travellers

If you were wondering where to go on your next international adventure, wonder no more! We’ve got you covered with our favourite destinations for vegan travellers, where you’ll be guaranteed to find delicious and plentiful plant-based eats. 1. Bristol, UK Bristol tops the list, being recently crowned the ‘vegan capital of the world’ after a […]

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On The Vegan Trail – Byron Bay

When you think of Byron Bay, a vegan lifestyle might be the first thing that comes to mind, right? A plant-based mecca brimming with yoga studios and meditation gurus? It wasn’t always this way … Yep, Byron Bay was originally a fishing town, in fact a top whaling destination and was home to a large […]

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6 Cruelty-Free Travel Wallets To Take On Your Next Trip

Rummaging through your tote for your passport is no fun. Before you book your uber to the airport, be sure to buy a quality cruelty-free travel wallet, like one of the stash we’ve selected here. They’ll house your passport, all important travel documents, as well as frequent flyer cards and anything else you need before […]

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vegan travel tours

Planning Your Next Holiday? With These Vegan Travel Tours, Your Only Worry Is What To Pack

Navigating a vacation as a vegan traveller can sometimes be painful. While plenty of countries lean naturally towards a vegan diet (we’re looking at you, Asia), others are far more meat-based. However, the tides seem to be turning, with all four corners of the globe offering plenty for the vegan vacationer to take a bite […]

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