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vegan milks

A Vegan Milk Guide. Here’s What You Need to Know

Not too long ago, a decision to avoid drinking animal milks really just meant one thing – soy milk. Now, there are so many alternatives and that can make the decision about which one to choose pretty tricky. To help you navigate the options, we’ve done an overview of the main vegan milks you might […]

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chocolate obsession

We’ve Found Your Newest Chocolate Obsession!

When I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan, giving up chocolate was hard. Until now… Welcome Milky Choc Balls! A delicious (vegan) chocolate coating over a light crunchy rice crisp core. My newest chocolate obsession. I’m hooked. The company behind Milky Choc Balls is Bite Society and it has an inspiring mission – (1) make tasty vegan […]

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vegan meal delivery

Hold the Phone! We’ve Just Found A Vegan Meal Delivery Service That Ticks All The Boxes

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am not a cook by any means. If given the choice, ordering food always wins out over the palaver of going to the shops for groceries, deciphering a recipe, then having to wait for the food to cook. But, as we all know, ordering food can […]

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vegan cookie

So Decadent! Byron Bay Cookie Company Launches Its First Vegan Cookie

When craving a sweet treat, vegans often need to consult Google recipes and bake them ourselves. But those days are officially over with the launch of Byron Bay Cookie Company’s delicious Maple & Pecan Vegan cookie (which also happens to be gluten free). Crammed with pecans, walnuts, cranberries and chia seeds, the cookie is enhanced […]

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alternative plant based meat

Beyond Beyond Meat… Aussie Alternative Enters The Supermarket Showdown

So we’ve all heard heaps about Beyond Meat… and we’ve all heard a fair bit about Impossible Meat. And now there’s a true blue Aussie company that’s making a big difference in the vegan space, too. The Alternative Meat Co. products are 100 per cent Australian made and 100 per cent plant based, and not […]

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Why We Love Over The Moo

What do we want? Ice Cream! How do we want it? Vegan, of course! Aside from (dairy-free) chocolate, we can’t think of any better way to satisfy our sweet tooth, which is why we’re mad about Over the Moo vegan dairy free ice cream. As is the case with most cult brands, Over the Moo […]

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7 Vegan Alternatives For When You’re Really Craving Cheese

When it comes to being vegan, what we hear over and again is that cheese is the trickiest thing to let go of. It doesn’t have to be. Shonagh Walker unearths some solutions. Missing cheese? Don’t stress … there are so many amazing vegan cheeses on the market now, that you never need to miss […]

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What Exactly Is Nutritional Yeast … And Why Are Vegans So Into It?

The thought of eating something called Nutritional Yeast sounds pretty gross, right? I promise you, if you can get past the name and introduce it into your cooking, you’ll realise just how amazing it is. You will literally never look back. My first encounter with Nutritional Yeast was actually only a few weeks ago when […]

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Why We Love Elixiba

Heading to Byron Bay? Make sure you stop by this plant-based restaurant and alchemy bar. What’s that, you say? What is an alchemy bar? We are so glad you asked. It’s a high-vibrational environment that allows you to step outside of your everyday life and walk right into your bliss. Still confused? OK, let’s make […]

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Why We Love The Golden Doughnut Byron Bay

Doughnuts are undoubtedly the best food in the world, amirite? Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, along comes the Golden Doughnut in Byron Bay. With a totally vegan range (yes, including the sinful chocolate sauce on top), there’s a donut for all your plant-based desires, including a Chai variety (how beautifully Byron […]

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