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tread a kinder path

sustainable wardrobe

5 Simple Steps To A More Sustainable Wardrobe

The goal of having a totally ethical, sustainable wardrobe may seem like a lofty ideal, but what is life without a challenge? As the fashion industry wakes up to its responsibilities, it’s time to look a little closer to home and make some simple changes that can make a real difference in the long run. […]

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FAKE Movement Christmas

The FAKE Movement Goes Global This Christmas

When in Los Angeles recently, we were lucky enough to hang out with Jonathan Ohayon, animal activist and founder of the FAKE Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment). The FAKE Movement brought us the world’s first Vegan Fashion Museum and was behind a series of successful vegan fashion pop-ups and movie screenings in LA this […]

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Vegan Fashion Week – Edition 2 Wrap Up

We weren’t quite sure what to expect of Vegan Fashion Week – Edition 2. Headed up by founder Emmanuelle Rienda and run by a small and dedicated team, our communication in the lead-up to the event was somewhat limited. But we jumped at the chance to attend anyway, and promptly booked tickets to LA. Here […]

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vegan leather

How Pleather Went From Woe To Wow

Not so long ago, synthetic leather had a bad rap. It was shiny, sweaty and squeaky –basically what you’d buy if you couldn’t afford the real thing. How things have changed. What was once variously labelled as imitation, artificial, faux or fake, pleather now has a new moniker – vegan leather. And with that comes […]

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Sans Beast

Interview: Sans Beast Creator Cathryn Wills

Cathryn Wills has been working in the Australian fashion biz for nearly 30 years – more than a decade of that in the world of leather handbags. Her 100 per cent vegan brand Sans Beast launched in March 2018. When I finished school, I worked in an office, before Benetton beckoned. I loved the materials, […]

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vegan fashion week

Vegan Fashion Week LA Is Back & We’re Going!

It’s back! Vegan Fashion Week, Los Angeles. 10th – 15th October 2019. Given the global success and media storm created when it debuted in February this year, we’re not surprised. Having worked at Vogue and ELLE many years ago, if someone told me a fashion week built around veganism would grace their pages, I wouldn’t […]

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Veja Condor

Run Don’t Walk With VEJA Vegan Trainers

What do Meghan Markle, Emma Watson, Kendal Jenner and Katie Holmes have in common? VEJA sneakers, that’s what! Veja has always been known as an environmentally-friendly fashion brand, but now it’s moving from the style runway and onto the actual running track, with the launch of its world first post-petroleum running shoe, The Condor. The […]

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vegan footwear brand

Stepping Up! New Aussie Footwear Brand Launches Vegan Sneakers

Have you heard of No Saints? You have now. The new vegan footwear brand is the brainchild of Caroline Breure, who’s on a mission to drive the shift towards a cruelty free world and make leather obsolete in the process. After going vegan, Caroline found that there wasn’t enough stylish and high quality vegan footwear […]

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Wear It Kind

Followers Of Fashion Are Asked To ‘Wear It Kind’

Animal protection organisation FOUR PAWS is calling on people to pledge to Wear It Kind, to encourage kindness and to show to the world that people want to see an animal-friendly fashion future. A recent opinion poll revealed that the key areas of concern for fashion shoppers are fur, exotic leathers (such as crocodiles and […]

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fashion brands ban cashmere

Why Big Brands Are Ditching Cashmere

When Aussie brands One Teaspoon and Australian Fashion Labels (Finders Keepers, C/MEO Collective, Keepsake, The Fifth Label, Jaggar) announced they were stopping their use of cashmere last week, they put cashmere back under the vegan spotlight. Cashmere has had its fair share of publicity this year. Back in January, online retail juggernaut ASOS announced it […]

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lady with vegan cross bag

Meet The Bag That Gives Back

Fashion fact: you can never have too many bags: they’re a great way to add personality; they bring new life to an old outfit; and they’re handy for putting stuff in. So when a new Australian vegan brand launches a range of cruelty free bags, it’s worth taking notice. Utoppii began when founder Trixie decided […]

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Vegan Fashion Museum

Vegan Fashion Museum Opens In LA

Step aside Heather Locklear, Melrose Place has a new hero. The first vegan fashion museum has opened on Melrose Place, in the centre of Los Angeles. The intimate space opened in June for the purpose of promoting vegan fashion. It’s the brainchild of animal rights activist Jonathan Ohayon, who kick-started the FAKE (Fashion for Animal Kingdom […]

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stylish vegan shoes

Stylish Vegan Shoes For Every Occasion

As we’re now in the coldest month of the year, having stylish vegan shoes is so important. We’ve found the perfect brand to keep you feeling warm inside and out. Zette shoes is a cruelty-free, ethically-made vegan footwear brand with a new 2019 winter collection out now. Their shoes are handmade in Spain using quality, […]

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Grimes band

Canadian Singing Sensation Grimes Fronts New Stella McCartney Campaign

Acclaimed fashion designer Stella McCartney has teamed up with global sporting goods leader Adidas on an autumn/winter 2019 collection that combines innovative eco-tech with iconic design. Canadian musician Grimes has been announced as the face of the campaign, in a move to ensure the collection stretches its appeal to a new breed of consumer. The […]

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Don’t Miss Sascha Camilli’s New Vegan Style Bible

There’s no shortage of vegan cookbooks on the market but when it comes to vegan style, you have to do a little more legwork to find all the information you need. Until now that is! Sascha Camilli is a journalist, fashion editor and dedicated vegan who’s put together the ultimate guide to vegan style. Over […]

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Prada sustainable style

Prada Pushes Into Sustainable Style

Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing designer brands getting behind sustainable fashion. The week has started well with luxury brand Prada announcing a step in the sustainable direction. When Miuccia Prada took over the reins of the brand in 1978, she oversaw the debut of its iconic nylon backpacks and totes. Forty-odd years on and […]

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Kim Khardasian

Breaking News – Kim Kardashian West Announces That She’s Replaced All Her Fur with Faux Fur

Known for her love of fur, Kim Kardashian West has announced she’ll no longer be wearing the real thing. Instead she has had all her existing and loved coats recreated with faux fur. Simple! Kim made the announcement to her 141 million followers via Instagram, where she captioned a photo of her five-year-old daughter, North, […]

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peta approved vegan footwear

The Iconic Launches PETA Approved Vegan Footwear Collection

When The Iconic launched in Australia back in 2011, the novelty of having something delivered to your desk in time for that pesky after-work function was reward enough. Now, our fastest growing online fashion retailer has given us even more reason to log on, with its exclusive Atmos&Here vegan footwear collection. The capsule collection is […]

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We’ve Tracked Down The Best Vegan Fashion Tours Around The Globe

Type ‘vegan tour’ into Google and you’re rewarded with options to experience the vegan cuisine of countless cities across the globe. Add the word ‘fashion’ into the mix and… not so productive. But there is light at the end of the stylish tunnel. What do you mean? In London, named last year as the world’s […]

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Woman wearing a white t-shirt

A Totally Ethical T Shirt Tailored To Fit You? Not Dreaming…

Have you ever found a T shirt that fitted you so perfectly you wanted to wear it forever? Maybe you did; more likely you’re still searching. But hey, T shirts are pretty disposable. They’re generally inexpensive so if you buy one and it doesn’t fill you with joy, then no worries, move on.Or not. Citizen […]

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Global Fashion Powerhouse H&M Bans Cashmere

In response to animal cruelty and sustainability concerns, H&M – the world’s second largest clothing retailer – has announced it will phase ‘conventional cashmere’ from its collections, ceasing to place orders for the material by 2020. The move follows an exposé by PETA, who obtained footage from China and Mongolia (which produce 90 per cent of […]

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How The Sneaker Biz Is Stepping Up To Vegan Standards

Comfy and trendy aren’t always two words that work together in the same sentence but street trainers – or sneakers – successfully crossed that great divide back in the 1980s, and new designs often get the kind of publicity reserved for Kpop and royal babies. From Converse and Lacoste to Nike and Adidas, each brand […]

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Something For Him: Ethical Menswear For Boys Who Care

Did you know that the world over, female vegans outnumber their male counterparts by about two to one? Some surveys have it showing even more of a divide in some countries (hello USA), at up to four to one. Despite – or perhaps because of – its low base, the sustainable men’s fashion industry is […]

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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Prove (Once Again) That Cruelty-Free Is Fashionable

After their vegan inspired wedding at the end of last year, we didn’t think our crush on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth could grow any bigger. Then they made their appearance at this year’s Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in… custom made vegan shoes! The newlywed couple both wore Yves Saint Laurent […]

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Topshop’s First Ever Vegan Shoe Collection Has Arrived

With their recent launch of a PETA-approved vegan footwear collection, high street fashion retailer, Topshop joins the growing number of brands listening to their customers and introducing vegan ranges in their mix. Handmade in Spain, the collection is made using premium materials that are completely free from animal products (including animal and fish-based glue). The […]

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Nat-2 Announce Their Hayfield Vegan Sneakers Are Back In Stock!

Nat-2’s coffee bean sneakers are back! If you missed out on grabbing a pair of Nat-2’s vegan sneakers made from coffee beans, then be sure to get in quick (stocks are limited) and get your hands on these. 100% vegan, the unisex Hayfield green sneaker have uppers made from real sustainable recycled hay, grass and […]

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vegan sneakers

Vegan Sneakers – How The Big Brands Measure Up

Big sports brands didn’t get to be big sports brands by staying on the back foot. These days, the main players are keen to show off some ethical cred and scoop up some of those vegan dollars to boot. Of course there are heaps of leather free sports shoes out there, but we’re interested in […]

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7 Ways To Wave Leather Goodbye

Leather. It’s a tough one. When moving to a vegan lifestyle, you don’t want to be wearing – or carrying – the skin of another being, yet historically it’s been hard to replace. Cheap man-made synthetic materials anyone? We didn’t think so. But the times they are a-changing and thanks to advancements in technology, championed […]

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Stella McCartney Calls Out Designers Still Using Leather & Raises Awareness For Rainforests Too!

Leading London fashion designer and staunch vegan, Stella McCartney has lashed out at fashion houses that still use leather in their collections. Amidst a sea of activism during the recent London Fashion Week, where PETA protested the use of wool in so many collections, British Vogue published an interview with the iconic designer where she […]

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London Fashion Week Highlights Activism As A Major Trend

The Northern Hemisphere is in a fashion whirl, as Autumn Winter 2019 Fashion Week events being held first in New York, then London and shortly, Milan and Paris. These events not only showcase the fashion trends for the season ahead, they also give us insight into the state of the world around us. If London […]

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upcycle jewellery

How To Upcycle Your Pre-Loved Jewellery

… and turn your old, neglected trinkets into something you’ll treasure forever. It’s always the worst of days when we say goodbye to a beloved pet. It wasn’t just an awful day I had five years ago, when my Siamese cat, Truly Scrumptious died, aged 14. It was the worst day of my life. I won’t […]

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Vegan Menswear Label Garners Celebrity Support At New York Fashion Week

Star of The Good Wife, vegan actor Alan Cumming, hosted a presentation by powerhouse vegan menswear label Brave Gentleman at an intimate soirée and runway show at The Mercer Hotel during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. Wearing a vegan suit crafted by the design house out of bamboo fibres, Cumming welcomed guests and […]

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Posh Says Hell-No To Pelts

Our fave Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has just raised the fashion bar – and our admiration of her – even higher, by today announcing she will ban the use of exotic animal skins in all her designs, starting from Autumn Winter 2019. The singer-turned fashion icon has never used fur in her collections and this […]

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Vegan Fashion Week Success

And That’s A Wrap – Vegan Fashion Week Hailed A Huge Success!

Leading Hollywood stylist, animal rights activist and founder of creative agency Le Frenchlab, Emmanuelle Rienda, set out with a bold agenda when she brought the world the inaugural Vegan Fashion Week, held in downtown Los Angeles at the start of February 2019. Her vision? “To empower conscious brands and humans globally with an elevated platform […]

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vegan fashion week launch

L.A Gets Set To Host Vegan Fashion Week…

And you’re going to love this plant based Pret a Porter!  Move over, G’Day L.A. Take a seat, 91st Academy Awards. The Los Angeles 2019 Vegan Fashion Week is here, and it’ll kick every other event in Hollywood to the kerb. The four-day event runs across 1st – 4th February at the Natural History Museum and California Market Centre. […]

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2019 Fashion Trends You Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re a die-hard fashionista or more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda kid, this year will be a great one for vegan fashion. While many couture houses and top designers are putting their energies towards more vegan friendly options, the pickings are still pretty slim when you want to match the top trends with […]

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Jean-Paul Gaultier Joins The Growing List Of Designers Saying No To Fur

Iconic couture designer and Les enfant terrible of the fashion Industry, John Paul Gaultier recently took to French television to announce that he has joined the growing list of designers who will not use fur of any kind in their collections. Damning the fur industry as ‘absolutely deplorable’ (you nailed it, JPG!), he received the […]

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Why We Love Hetty & Sam

There’s so much to love about this UK-based brand that we are stumped as to where to start. But we’ll give it a go, regardless. With a strict cruelty-free policy, the hubby and wife led team has created an eponymous brand that has PETA approval. Each item beautiful meshes fashion and function and is crafted […]

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Why We Love Angela Roi

Boasting modern classic (cruelty-free) designs that put top luxe labels to shame, this NYC ethical luxury handbag label is making serious waves in fashion circles, garnering praise from leading fash mags the world over. The brand is created on a foundation of kindness, values and love and is guided by the design duo’s vision of […]

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Finding Life Hard Without Leather? Here Are 3 Sustainable Alternatives To Get Excited About

What a great time it is to be vegan. Not only was veganism predicted to be the biggest food trend for 2018, fashion has jumped on the plant-based bandwagon and is doing its bit to save the planet, too. Rejoice! With an increased spotlight on animal welfare, ethical and environmental concerns of our clothes seem […]

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Faux Fur At Home Is Big This Winter & We Couldn’t Be Happier

Ready for a Netflix binge? Snuggle up under one of these divine faux fur throws with a glass of vegan wine. Whether it’s faux fox, faux leopard, or faux deer, you’ll sleep easy knowing no animal was harmed for your viewing or napping pleasure! 1. Evoking images of log cabins atop a snowy mountain, this […]

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Unreal Fur jacket

Why We Love Unreal Fur

Karl Lagerfeld famously said, “you cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.” We are so down with that. And so is the amazing team behind Aussie fashion label Unreal Fur, whose mission it is to create beautiful, cruelty-free clothes. The label was launched in 2012 as an independent, PETA-certified Australian brand […]

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Adidas Parley

Adidas Parley Helps Save The Oceans

Do you want to get fit and super stylish, plus help save the ocean and its beautiful inhabitants? Well, thanks to adidas teaming with Parley you can. Take a read In 2015 Parley teamed with Adidas to create a stylish running trainer called the UltraBOOST which was part of the Adidas/Parley collection. This trainer is […]

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