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tread a kinder path

In News: Scotland Bans Seal Shooting, Adidas launches Vegan Shoes & More

Scotland Bans Seal Shooting  This week Scottish parliament approved a new bill, entitled the Animals and Wildlife (Protections, Penalties and Power) bill. Under this, the shooting of seals would be illegal. This is a great step forward, as seal shootings are an unfortunately common practise in worldwide fish farms and are used to protect the […]

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Ruby Rose

In News This Week: Pangolins, Ruby Rose & More

There’s been a mix of the encouraging and discouraging news this week as China introduces new animal protections which benefit pangolins, but our own country falls behind on animal welfare. Ruby Rose joins the growing list of celebrities who are speaking up about the benefits of veganism. China Removes Pangolins from Traditional Medicine list For […]

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Alicia Silverstone vegan

New Vegan Leather Wins Climate Award & Other News

In a week where the media spotlight has (rightly) been on global protests, we still managed to find some interesting and uplifting stories that have been flying under the radar. From Beyond leather launching climate friendly vegan leather, Alicia Silverstone praising a plant based diet for kids and New Zealand schools educating students on the […]

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Serena Williams vegan collection

Serena Williams Launches Vegan Leather Collection & Other News

This week we’ve seen a bunch of new movements form to help make meat a less logical and accessible choice to consumers. Additionally, even more celebrities are speaking out in favour of a plant based lifestyle. Plus tennis superstar, Serena Williams, has just announced she’s launching a vegan leather goods collection. Read on for our […]

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Usher vegan

In This Week’s News – Usher Goes Vegan & More

This week we’ve seen more celebrities praising vegan diets for their health benefits, including Usher and Simon Cowell. Additionally, Covid – 19 continues to prompt discussions about the viability of meat as part of a healthy diet. Here are our picks for three of the most impactful stories of the week.  PETA receives mixed reactions […]

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Bees Thrive As Pollution Drops & Other News Stories

What’s happening in the news this week? Reports of bees thriving in response to the decrease in pollution, Snoop Dogg voices his support for a plant based diet and (in some not so good news), Covid-clusters emerging from slaughterhouses in Australia and the US are shining a light on the filthy and unsafe working conditions. […]

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Vegan News – Are We Headed Towards A Kinder World?

With all that’s been happening, it’s easy to feel hopeless in the fight against animal cruelty. However, this week the world has seen some really massive positive steps being taken by politicians, celebrities and individuals alike to help steer us towards a vegan world. Here’s a wrap up of some of the most important stories. […]

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vegan news

In Vegan News, Arnold Schwarzenegger Throws A Birthday Party For His Donkey

A wrap up of weekly vegan news. This week a lot of people and publications have been talking about veganism – mainly focusing on the effects of coronavirus on animal industries. However, celebrities have also been having some clean, vegan fun. Here’s our wrap up of some of the most important vegan news stories of […]

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vegan news

Everyone’s Talking About…A Wrap Up Of Vegan News

As another week in quarantine begins, a whole range of excellent, plant based initiatives are being taken up around the world. Here’s our wrap of vegan news that has everyone talking. Celebrities speak out against factory farming and wet markets Former ‘Friends’ star Courtney Cox posted on Instagram earlier this week, professing her stance against […]

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No Meat May

Flex Your Veggie Muscle With No Meat May

With most of us self isolating (and even with restrictions lifting), we’re likely be cooking at home for some time yet. Making it the perfect time to cook up a veggie storm! If already treading a cruelty free path, chances are many of your friends and family are not, so say hello to No Meat […]

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bees important

Bees Are Integral To The Survival Of Our Planet. Here’s Why

Bees are the most important species, according to research that reveals how wild bee health impacts the environment more than colony collapse disorder. Insects—pollinators, in particular—are integral to a healthy environment and the planet’s survival. According to the international conservation nonprofit Earthwatch Institute, bees are the most important species on earth. The declaration was made […]

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Joaquin Phoenix Hollywood

Joaquin Phoenix Influencing Hollywood’s Food Choices

Following in the footsteps of the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Critics Choice Awards and talent agency’s WME’s pre-Oscar party, comes confirmation that the 92nd Academy Awards [Oscars] will be serving a largely vegan menu at the Governors Ball lunch following the ceremony. And that’s thanks in part to Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix […]

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normalising veganism

The People & Events Normalising Veganism in 2020

As the Australian bushfires serve as a constant reminder of the devastating realities of climate change, it is always uplifting to hear of the small but consequential ways society is changing for the better. The rapidly changing climate is beginning to transform veganism from a moral choice to an environmental necessity; prompting a surge of […]

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wildlife bushfires

After The Bushfires: How Aussie Wildlife is Fighting Back

It’s been a long and stressful summer. And it’s not over yet. Thankfully for many, rain is now in the air. Around the same time that bushfire fatigue kicked in – which is an appalling thing to admit. We’ve become hesitant to open Facebook or Instagram as our feeds are flooded with images of the […]

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The Golden Globes Goes Vegan

The Hollywood Reporter – the ‘bible’ of the Hollywood film, television, and entertainment industries, has broken the news that this year’s Golden Globes will have an all-vegan menu, making it the first major awards show to go vegan. That should be popular with the majority of LA based celebs for whom a plant based diet […]

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vegan trends 2019

What 2019 Meant For Veganism

In years to come, we may well look back and see that 2019 was the year the vegan movement went mainstream. Long gone are the days when vegans were a fringe group, made up of stereotyped skinny, hemp-wearing hippies. With more than 57 million #vegan posts on Instagram right now, it’s safe to say that […]

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New Year New You? How To Go Vegan in Veganuary

Launched in the UK back in January 2014, Veganuary is an annual event that encourages people to try vegan for January (and beyond). The organisers’ vision is simple – they want a vegan world. A world without animal farms and slaughterhouses. A world where food production does not decimate forests, pollute rivers and oceans, exacerbate […]

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mercedes ditch leather

Formula One Driver, Lewis Hamilton, Is Asking Mercedes To Ditch Leather

Lewis Hamilton is asking Mercedes to go vegan and ditch its animal-based leather. Several other major car manufacturers have already made the change. The vegan Formula One driver has said that he will speak to his Mercedes team about making cars with animal-free interiors. He added that he wants to aim for more sustainability, in […]

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ban fur nsw victoria

Call To Ban Fur in NSW and Victoria Getting Louder

You probably saw the recent media reports about garments trimmed with real fur being mis-sold as ‘faux’ fur in Melbourne markets. The joint investigation by global animal protection organisation FOUR PAWS and MP for Western Victoria Andy Meddick uncovered a raft of items including beanies and jackets that contained fur from raccoon dogs. Raccoon dogs […]

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I AM SOMEONE exhibition

Photographer Gary Sheppard Gives A Face To Farm Rescue Animals

I walked into Bondi Pavilion’s Gallery not really knowing what to expect. Knowing the premise of the exhibition, I was scared I might’ve been going to see confronting images of rescued farm animals in ways I wouldn’t want to see them portrayed. Yes, they were confronting, but not in the way you would first think. […]

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Queen Elizabeth fur free

The Queen Of England Is Going Fur-Free

Queen Elizabeth has ditched fur for the animals following activist pressure. She will replace fur fashion with faux fur alternatives. The Queen’s personal advisor and senior dresser Angela Kelly, who has worked for the Royal Household for 25 years, revealed the wardrobe update in her new memoir, “The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, […]

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Nup to the Cup

We’re Saying ‘Nup To The Cup’. Here’s Why & How You Can Too

The ‘Nup to the Cup’ Movement is no longer just a trend. It’s a groundswell movement sweeping Australia. Why not join it? Sydney vegan restaurant, Bodhi was one of Australia’s first restaurants to say ‘Nup to the Cup’, holding an annual lunch that eschewed the national horse race and instead raised money for animal welfare. […]

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pig vigil

What Happens At LA Animal Save’s Pig Vigil?

It’s late on a Sunday night in downtown Los Angeles when we set off in the dark, with some trepidation, to attend a pig vigil outside Farmer John’s slaughterhouse in Vernon organised by the Save Movement. I’m travelling with my business partner, Sally, and we’re in LA for Vegan Fashion Week and to meet with other […]

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25 Ways We Can All Fight Climate Change (Even If Your Name’s Not Greta)

The power of one person to create change is a mighty thing. Just look at Greta Thunberg and her ability to galvanise a global movement. The climate strikes have been incredible; hundreds of thousands of people from at least 98 countries, gathering to demand more from our leaders. And while more does need to be […]

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meat free week

How I Survived (And LOVED) Meat Free Week

I’ve always skirted on the edge of vegetarianism – once, I didn’t eat meat for 13 years – and ‘vegan-curious’ is a word I’ve actually used in conversation. Then two small kids come along and, well, to be honest it all seemed a bit too hard. Which is why, when I decided to sign up […]

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Natalie Portman Thor

Vegan Natalie Portman To Play The Role Of Thor

All you movie buffs out there, be on the lookout for the new Marvel movie in the making, the next instalment of the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder. Not only will Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson be returning to star in the film – feminist, vegan superstar Natalie Portman will play the role of […]

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Sign Up For Meat Free Week 23-29 September 2019

Meat Free Week is kicking off in a few weeks and as one of the original founders, I’m thrilled that this campaign is still going strong. Meat consumption is something close to my heart. We eat too much. Period. And it’s having a devastating impact on the planet – animal welfare, the environment and yes, […]

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vegan athletes protein myth

New Movie About Vegan Athletes Blows Up The Protein Myth

Oscar-winning director James Cameron and Formula One racing star Lewis Hamilton have teamed up to make a documentary about plant-based vegan diets in sports. The film, The Game Changers, which has been described as “dramatic, powerful and amazing” also lists Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan as co producers, and will feature several other elite-level athletes, including […]

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world plant milk day

Celebrate World Plant Milk Day – August 22 And Every Day!

Did you know that a plant-based diet can put an extra 10 years on your lifespan? Yep, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, eating plants is proven to improve your overall wellbeing. So for this reason and others (read on), World Plant Milk Day seems a good time take a closer look. World Plant Milk […]

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climate change activist

Hear What Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg Thinks About Veganism

Greta Thunberg became a household name last year when she started a one-person school strike outside Swedish Parliament, protesting lack of action to prevent climate change. Since then, at the age of just 16, she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, given speeches at the UK Houses of Parliament, and been called the […]

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raising children on plant based diet

Raising Children On A Plant Based Diet – The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik Shares Her Thoughts

A social post went viral recently in which a lady rants at Wellington vegan café owners about their customers not getting the right nutrients from a vegan diet. Well, we’re all perfectly capable of making the right decisions on good nutrition for ourselves, thank you. But when it comes to parents raising children on a […]

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Plant-based diet

Plant Based Diet Behind Wimbledon Win

Was Novak Djokovic’s plant based diet a factor in his Wimbledon win? When men’s tennis champ Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer to win his fifth title at Wimbledon, the epic final went on for nearly five hours, earning it the record of the longest Wimbledon singles final ever. Despite the marathonic nature of the five-set, three […]

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Woody Harrelson At Wimbledon Is A Huge Mood

Everyone’s fave sexy older vegan, actor Woody Harrelson, disrupted the press coverage of tennis’s top event yesterday, as reported by, when he got locked out of the big match by officials. Woody, who’s been a vegan warrior since his early twenties and in 2012 won PETA’s Sexiest Vegan title, got out of his seat between serves […]

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Kim Kardashian vegan diet

Kim Kardashian Credits Vegan Diet For Her Enviable Figure

In an Instagram video with Anastasia Soare, Kim Kardashian revealed that she is now vegan. The socialite superstar was looking every bit the bombshell in a figure-hugging bronze dress and Soare did not fail to notice. “Please explain to me how it’s possible – this waist!” she exclaims. Kim credited her mindboggling curves to her […]

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millennials driving vegan movement

Millennials Are Driving The Vegan Movement

Millennials are going vegan at a rapid rate. And now that they’re reaching parenting age, the number of vegan kids is growing, too. Impossible Foods — the plant-based meat company responsible for the Impossible Burger — just released an insights report detailing the rising popularity of vegan eating among young people. Impossible Foods commissioned an […]

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Ireland to ban fur

Ireland Joins Growing List Of Countries Banning Fur

News out of Ireland has them set to be the 15th country in the EU to phase out the barbaric practice of fur farming. A national poll late last year showed four in five people backed an end to fur farming and while the proposed legislation is still to be confirmed, mainstream Irish press has […]

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vegan cookie

So Decadent! Byron Bay Cookie Company Launches Its First Vegan Cookie

When craving a sweet treat, vegans often need to consult Google recipes and bake them ourselves. But those days are officially over with the launch of Byron Bay Cookie Company’s delicious Maple & Pecan Vegan cookie (which also happens to be gluten free). Crammed with pecans, walnuts, cranberries and chia seeds, the cookie is enhanced […]

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It’s World Environment Day & Air Pollution Is In The Hot Seat. Here Are 10 Tips On How To Do Your Bit.

Air pollution is the theme for World Environment Day 2019. Chosen with not a hint of irony by this year’s host, China, we are all invited to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the amount of pollution we produce. So without further ado, here are our Top 10 tips […]

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alternative plant based meat

Beyond Beyond Meat… Aussie Alternative Enters The Supermarket Showdown

So we’ve all heard heaps about Beyond Meat… and we’ve all heard a fair bit about Impossible Meat. And now there’s a true blue Aussie company that’s making a big difference in the vegan space, too. The Alternative Meat Co. products are 100 per cent Australian made and 100 per cent plant based, and not […]

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Benedict Cumberbatch in a car

Benedict Cumberbatch Shows Just How Good Vegan Fashion Can Look

Hollywood’s newest vegan, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, is already making waves on the red carpet and we love him for it. The amazingly talented star of Avengers and Sherlock became officially vegan last year, explaining in an interview that he “eat[s] a plant-based diet.” It came as no surprise when he also was awarded the prestigious […]

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vegan tuna

Vegan Tuna ‘Too Much Like the Real Thing’

There’s a new tuna in town and it’s ruffling feathers (or should that be fins?). Vegan tuna. It’s plant-based which means it’s seafood-free, mercury-free and gluten-free, yet packed with nutritious omega 3s and features the light, flaky texture of the real thing. Created in collaboration with seafood industry experts to help address the growing crisis […]

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New York City’s Proposal To Ban Fur Erupts In Protests

New York City’s proposal to ban the sale of real fur and shearling erupted in protests last Wednesday, with both pro and anti-fur protesters descending the steps of New York’s City Hall. Those in opposition to the anti-fur legislation (introduced in March) are arguing that the decision will have extreme economic repercussions, with up to […]

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Game Of Thrones Stars: Protectors Of The Vegan Realm

This coming weekend (that’s Monday morning here in Oz), the final episode of the final season ever of fantasy drama Game of Thrones will be screened on Fox, and fans everywhere are heading for the hills in a desperate bid to avoid spoilers. So it seems an opportune moment to celebrate the fact that there […]

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They’re A Bit Late To The Party, But Finally McDonald’s Is Catching Up

Vegetables? No thanks! Or that’s what McDonald’s said when it debuted the McVeggie in Australia back in 2011. It was gone from the regular menu in less time than it takes to say Supersize Me! due to “lack of demand”. Now, McDonald’s has revised its opinion and joined other fast food chains – including Hungry […]

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Edible Water Pods Replaced 200,000 Plastic Bottles At The London Marathon

The London Marathon took a firm stance against plastic waste yesterday, replacing 200,000 water bottles with innovative water “pods” made from edible, biodegradable seaweed. The water pouches are made by Skipping Rocks Lab, a London startup that’s developing alternatives to consumer products typically delivered in plastic. “The changes and the trials we’re introducing for this […]

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How Should Vegans Vote?

With the general election looming, many of us are wondering how to cast our votes in a way that reflects and benefits our lifestyles. So does being vegan affect who you will choose to elect? Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s not that easy to find out where the major parties stand on animal rights. But we’ve had […]

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Kim Kardashian West Eats A Vegan Diet When She’s At Home

Last weekend, Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West announced that her diet at home is vegan. The news was shared on Instagram to her 136 million followers when she posted pictures of a fruit smoothie bowl and sweet potato and avocado dish with the caption “I am eating all plant-based […]

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Get Your Family On Board With One Day A Week

The family behind Meat Free Monday is going all out on Animal Agriculture with a self-produced short film. We’re HUGE fans of fashion designer Stella McCartney, a key driver of sustainable, cruelty free fashion long before it become a trend. And Stella is not the only family member doing her bit for the planet. The […]

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Fashion Critical Supports No Meat May & The Internet Can’t Cope

My great buddy, Fashion Critical, recently announced signing up to No Meat May (yes, I know who FC really is, but I’ll never tell). To highlight the post, FC used an ages old pic of Lady Gaga in the gross meat dress, because, you know, the page is all about irony, comedy and being obnoxious, […]

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Breaking News – Animal Justice Party Candidate, Emma Hurst, Wins Seat In NSW Upper House

Animal Justice Party representative, Emma Hurst, has won a crucial seat in the NSW upper house and will hold the balance of power alongside others on the crossbench, including former Labour leader Mark Latham. This is the Animal Justice Party’s second seat in the NSW Legislative Council. Ms Hurst, who has a master’s in psychology, is […]

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Plant-Based Eating Goes Mainstream With Meat Free Monday At Grill’d

Wondering where to have lunch or dinner today? Here’s a suggestion – Grill’d. Because today, all their restaurants are going meat-free! We recently reported on Grill’d’s Beyond Burger and their clever marketing tactics encouraging carnivores to try a plant-based burger. Grill’d’s new burgers feature patties by Beyond Meat – a US based company backed by some heavy weight […]

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Do Protests Further Or Hinder The Vegan Cause?

Wow, what a week. Animal rights activists in Australia put veganism front and centre of rolling news coverage. For those of you who missed it (where were you?), a group of animal rights activists staged protests around the country, notably shutting down Melbourne’s CBD, to mark the one-year anniversary of Dominion, an Australian doco that […]

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle To Raise Their Baby Vegan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly plan to raise their new baby as vegan. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have just moved into their new home in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage, are expecting their first child later this month. According to an unnamed “palace insider,” who spoke to Woman’s Day, “Meghan wants her baby to be raised […]

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The Beyond Burger By Grill’d Encourages Meat Eaters To Take A Day Off. Now That’s Clever!

Grill’d has made a smart decision in how it has marketed the new Beyond Burger patties, explains Josh Berg. Grill’d has announced the introduction of the Beyond Burger patty for four of its most popular burgers, a plant-based alternative to a regular meat patty. Upon hearing the news, my little vegan ears wiggled in excitement. […]

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animal testing china

BREAKING NEWS… China Finally Puts An End To Animal Testing In Cosmetics!

You may recall a few months back, that we posted a story celebrating the beauty industry for being the most active and sincere when it comes to animal testing. First it was NZ, then Australia and now we see China, which was potentially the last bastion of animal cosmetic testing, banning the abhorrent practice completely. That’s […]

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Celebrating Inspiring Vegan Women (Part 1)

Friday, March 8, 2019, marks the 108th International Women’s Day. This year the theme is #BalanceforBetter, aiming to create a gender balanced world. Nobody would argue that is long overdue, but here at The Vegan Company, we’d like to see that balance extend to all living creatures, embracing the animals that we share our planet […]

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Vegan Menswear Label Garners Celebrity Support At New York Fashion Week

Star of The Good Wife, vegan actor Alan Cumming, hosted a presentation by powerhouse vegan menswear label Brave Gentleman at an intimate soirée and runway show at The Mercer Hotel during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. Wearing a vegan suit crafted by the design house out of bamboo fibres, Cumming welcomed guests and […]

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3 Huge Wins For Animals This February!

February has been quite the month for the animals, with major steps forward in improving welfare across the board. Here’s a snapshot! 1. Australia Bans Animal Testing For Cosmetics Filling our social feeds on Valentine’s Day was news of the Australian Government finally passing a bill that effectively bans animals testing of industrial chemicals in […]

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The Celebrity Designer Shunning Silk!

Grammy award winning pop-star, make-up mogul and fashion designer, Rihanna, has released a sexy AF lingerie collection that is completely silk-free! Everyone’s fave Bajan popstar, Rihanna, recently announced she was extending her Fenty range with a lingerie collection, Savage X Fenty. This luxury, sexy collection is a bit of a first in the designer bras […]

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There’s A NEW VEGAN MAGNUM & There’s Never Been A Better Time To Enjoy Ice Cream!

When The Vegan Company got word that MAGNUM was releasing a vegan version of its luxury ice-cream, a certain team member (naming no names, but a dedicated MAGNUM lover who gave them up when becoming vegan), went off in hot pursuit. It wasn’t easy, as these things have been selling out fast. She traipsed around […]

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Stop The Press! Vegan Senator Cory Booker Is Running For President In 2020

On Friday, New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory Booker threw his hat into the ring for his bid at Presidency. He also happens to be the first vegan senator to ever do so and notably, is the only vegan serving in the Senate. A long standing advocate of plant-based, cruelty-free eating, Sen. Booker commented in a […]

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Australia Leads the World in Vegan Searches

As we approach Australia Day, a time when we’re encouraged to eat lamb and “throw another shrimp on the barbie”, it’s heartening to see that Australians are googling the word “vegan” in record numbers – more than any other country in the world! Google Trends shows that an analysis of searches from around the globe during […]

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It’s Official. 2019 Is “The Year of The Vegan” (Like We Didn’t Already Know That)

This is the year we’ve all been waiting for – vegans, vegetarians and mostly, all the innocent, sentient animals that are slaughtered daily to feed “the masses”. On the eve of 2019, respected US publisher, The Economist published a news-worthy article outlining all the totally legit reasons why 2019 will indeed be “The Year of […]

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Jean-Paul Gaultier Joins The Growing List Of Designers Saying No To Fur

Iconic couture designer and Les enfant terrible of the fashion Industry, John Paul Gaultier recently took to French television to announce that he has joined the growing list of designers who will not use fur of any kind in their collections. Damning the fur industry as ‘absolutely deplorable’ (you nailed it, JPG!), he received the […]

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Five Ways We Can Eat for Sustainability

In honour of 2018’s Meat Free Week (September 24-30) We asked leading naturopath and blogger, Gemma Davis, co-author of The Compassionate Kitchen, for her top tips on eating sustainably. Reduce Meat Consumption – or even better – go completely plant-based Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions – more than the […]

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Meat Free Week Is Almost Here!

Meat Free Week is almost upon us. If you’re already Meat-Free – yay for you!  If not, it’s a fantastic way to explore a plant-based diet. We bet you’ll feel so much better in the first few days you’ll be hooked and will leave meat off your plate more often than not in the future. […]

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Plant-Based Meats Are Now Appearing In The Meat Section At Your Local Supermarket. Here’s Why It’s A Good Thing

For those who choose not to eat meat, the thought of going into the meat section to buy a plant-based product may seem bizarre. But for animals, this is a huge step. Here’s why … This is where non-vegetarians will find it (when they’re looking for meat). For people who aren’t already eating plant-based meals, […]

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Here’s What’s Happening To Our Oceans (It’s Not For The Faint Hearted!)

Meat from ruminant animals such as cows and sheep has long been recognised as a key culprit in terms of climate change. Meat from pigs and chickens is also a major problem, and could represent the step that takes us over the climate change precipice, due to the destruction of Amazon rainforest for soybean feed […]

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Taking Part In Plastic Free July? Here’s How Big This Challenge Really Is

I’ve long recognised the issues with our plastic addiction. I have cleaned up enough beaches, recycled enough trash, opted paper over plastic enough times to have it firmly set in my mind that our obsession with plastic must end. We are fixated with it, blind to it, superfluously consuming it in our everyday lives without […]

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