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vegan oily skin

A Foolproof Vegan Foundation Routine For Severely Oily Skin

Battling an oily T-zone? Feel like your makeup slips off your skin almost instantly? Babysitting oily skin can be such a bummer. Especially if you live your life on the go — either rushing in between classes or working late nights at the office. However, when your foundation routine is customized to suit your oily […]

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10 tips best ever lashes

10 Tips To Achieve Your Best Ever Lashes

A luscious coat of mascara and a slick of tinted lip balm are sometimes all you need to walk out the door knowing ‘You’ve got this’. Here are our top 10 tips for fabulous (cruelty-free!) lashes. 1. Use a lash primer to maximise the volumising and lengthening potential of your mascara. 2. Apply a light […]

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curly fringe

The Curly Fringe Is Bang On Trend

Haven’t you noticed? The fringe is having a major moment. But it’s not so much the glossy, blunt cut, Vidal Sassoon look that has been reawakened. The textured, Woodstock, rock ‘n roll curly fringe is the new ‘it’ style, bringing curly girls out of the shadows and into the limelight. So wave good bye to […]

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Australian Native Botanicals

Australian Native Botanicals You Need In Your Beauty Routine

Over the past couple of years, the biggest buzz in skincare has been Australian native botanicals. It’s with good reason that so many beauty companies are developing products around ingredients that sound better suited to an upscale restaurant menu. Australian native botanical extracts contain extraordinarily high levels of potent ingredients, are full of antioxidants and pack […]

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eyelash extensions

How To Get Eyelash Extensions Without Doing Harm

Want to wake up with dark and voluminous lashes (and no, forgetting take off last night’s make-up doesn’t count). Eyelash extensions have gone from fringe to mainstream in the past decade or so, allowing wearers the freedom of ‘naturally’ long and luxe lashes without the bother of applying falsies or burning through multiple tubes of […]

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Is Activated Charcoal The Answer To Your Beauty Woes?

There is one word that has been dominating the conversation in the beauty industry over the last couple of years – CHARCOAL. While it may have been hard for most of us to associate charcoal or to be precise, activated charcoal, with beauty products, let alone apply it on face and hair, their popularity has […]

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skin saving oils

8 Seriously Essential Skin Saving Oils

Winter is here. The temperatures are low and the humidity even lower. This can spell major skin stress, if you’re not careful. The lack of humidity in the air can zap your skin of essential moisture as well as impair its protective barrier, while icy winds and cold temperatures can then cause issues of sensitivity, […]

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We Speak With Tattoo Artist, Nerida Nicolson, About Vegan Tatts

Tattoo artist Nerida Nicolson grew up on an orchard in the bush, about an hour and a half out of Sydney. She has been tattooing for the past six years from her studio base in Surry Hills. At around the time she was starting out, she switched to a vegan lifestyle, and now she walks the […]

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vegan face masks

5 Vegan Face Masks Guaranteed To Get You Glowing

We know the change of seasons can play havoc with you skin, so we’ve found five of the best vegan face masks guaranteed to have you glowing in no time. Our Pick of Vegan Face Masks 1. Brightening Vitamin C Mask (80g) by Seed & Sour, $56.99 This one is hot off the press. New […]

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6 Vegan Essentials for Flirt-worthy Brows & Lashes

Who doesn’t want thick, shapely brows and long lush lashes that curve skywards? To help you achieve the look of your dreams, we’ve unearthed some of the best vegan brow and lash enhancing products around. Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer, $89 This daily application serum relies on vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free ingredients that works to strengthen […]

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Ex Cosmo Editor Launches Vegan All-Natural Fragrance… and you already know it’s scent-sational!

If you’d expect anyone to know a thing or two about fragrance, it would be a former beauty editor of one of the world’s most recognised brands. Little wonder I was beside myself when my friend and former colleague, Nedahl Stelio, announced that she was launching her own line of cruelty-free, vegan, all-natural, chemical-free fragrances, […]

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Pucker Up: The 9 Vegan Red Lipsticks You Need This Valentine’s Day!

Nothing says “kiss me” quite like a perfectly painted red pout. Even if you don’t have a special date lined up for Feb 14, you should still pucker up with one of these vegan, cruelty free red lipsticks. Inika Organic Vegan Lipstick in After Dark, $39. With a long-lasting formula, this warm, dark red is […]

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The Vegan Science-Based Skin Care You Need To Know About

Ordinarily, the words vegan and science don’t sit next to each other in a sentence. Well, one Sydney-based skin therapist, the incredible Douglas Pereira of Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin Therapy in Sydney’s CBD is set to change the way you look at lab-created skin care. His absolutely beautiful range of active, solution-driven cosmeceutical (science + […]

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beauty industry leads way

The Beauty Industry Is Leading The Way In Vegan Products.

The beauty industry has been much-maligned for decades for animal testing and the use of animal-derived ingredients in its many concoctions. But the truth is, as I see it anyway, that it is actually the most vocal and active of all industries in its quest to ending animal testing and animal cruelty and pushing towards […]

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