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tread a kinder path

Axiology’s Lip-to-Lid Balmies

Axiology’s Lip-to-Lid Balmies; Multi Use, Zero Waste and Supremely Evil Free

At the heart of the vegan message, is to ‘do no harm’, and along with our care of animals, comes a responsibility to our precious environment. I love skincare, fashion and makeup, but I often feel guilt about my level of consumption creating waste. I never imagined there could be a truly guilt free makeup […]

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vegan beauty routine

The Ultimate Guide To A Vegan Beauty Routine

Did you know that a large number of beauty products, probably many that you have in your bathroom cabinet, contain animal urine, pig fat, and crushed beetles? The crazy part is the ingredients are not listed like that. When you first go vegan, it can be hard to find products that work for you, but […]

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vegan deodorant

Worried about BO? You’ll Love These 4 Vegan Deodorant Hacks

From lumps in your armpits to painful rashes, natural products that just don’t work and aluminium is not our friend, deodorants are a fraught subject. You’ve tried traditional antiperspirants and deodorants, you’ve tried natural deodorants and crystals, and you’ve found fault with all of them? Me too! So I did a little digging… Formulators have […]

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vegan toothpaste

Vegan Toothpaste – What You Should Know

Have you ever wondered if toothpaste is vegan? Do you stare at all the toothpastes in the supermarket, and wonder which one you should choose? As a vegan, you might be aware that many studies have shown that a diet rich in raw, fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, green tea and probiotics, will balance and […]

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Beauty Shortlist

Beauty Shortlist Awards Reveal Demand For Natural Products

The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards celebrate the most loved natural baby, beauty, wellness and eco home products created by ethical brands and tested by experts. 2020 saw a record number of entries from over 16 countries, with winners selected by a panel of specialist independent judges. This year’s global panel included lead judges […]

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Drunk Elephant dupe

Save $$ With This Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream Dupe!

The hype around clean skin care brand Drunk Elephant, is at fever pitch, with all relevant beauty experts wholeheartedly endorsing the effective formulas, stellar, green ingredients, brand ethics and innovative delivery systems. The only thing holding me back, is the steep pricing. So I found the perfect Drunk Elephant dupe. Everyone has heard about The […]

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vegan beauty

A Bold Vegan Beauty Look For A Brave New World

The principles of the vegan message have never been so urgent. Clearly, the biggest threats to planet Earth involve our intensive exploitation of animals and the environment. Yet we can overcome with all things vegan. Here is a vegan beauty take on an emerging trend. Classic, minimal and modern, a look for quarantine and beyond. […]

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problem skin

Problem Skin Getting You Down? These Vegan Products Will Help

Sometimes our skin lets us down. Spots can erupt overnight, leaving us to cope with a rash of congestion, irritation and inflammation. Given the challenges the world is facing, keeping a positive outlook and bright demeanour can be difficult at the best of times. The last thing we need is an acne attack. From hormonal […]

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vegan silk pillowcases

It’s Time To Invest In Vegan Silk Pillowcases

So there’s been a bit said recently about how silk pillowcases are the answer to every girl’s morning beauty issues. Yep, you wake up with a perfectly crease-free face and your hair looks just like it did when you climbed in between the sheets eight hours (or less!) earlier. This not-so well kept secret is […]

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clean beauty

What’s the Difference Between Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free Beauty?

If you’re a lover of skincare and makeup, you’ve likely heard the following terms — clean, vegan and cruelty free beauty. Though many people believe they are interchangeable, these phrases are not all the same and can suit different people depending on their unique wants and needs from a beauty and skincare line. However, if […]

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vegan oily skin

A Foolproof Vegan Foundation Routine For Severely Oily Skin

Battling an oily T-zone? Feel like your makeup slips off your skin almost instantly? Babysitting oily skin can be such a bummer. Especially if you live your life on the go — either rushing in between classes or working late nights at the office. However, when your foundation routine is customized to suit your oily […]

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must have beauty products

10 Must Have Beauty Products To Keep You Looking Your Best

Is your bathroom cabinet suffering from an identity crisis? Get back to basics with these 10 products that are a must for your beauty survival kit. They’ll have you looking and feeling your best throughout summer… and beyond. 1. Face Polish – Retreatment Botanics Refining Face Polish, $55.00 This skin-brightening, triple-action exfoliant is formulated to […]

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Bohemian Skin

Vegan Skincare Range For Puberty, Pregnancy & Beyond

When you think about the combination of mainstream skincare products, makeup, deodorant and perfumes, many women are putting literally hundreds of individual chemicals on their skin every single day. This was something that alarmed Australian Morgan Littler, who was constantly on the hunt for holy-grail beauty products after battling common skin troubles. She didn’t want […]

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shampoo bars

Australian Shampoo Brand Tackles Single Use Plastic Pollution

Despite the recent focus on single-use plastics, the problem continues to loom as large as ever. Yes, it’s convenient, but it’s also an environmental disaster. In Australia alone, 5.3 million consumers – that’s 27.1% of the population – purchase single use plastic bottles on a weekly basis. These include bottled water, other drinks and foods, […]

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vegan deodorant

Be Vegan, Smell Sweet! Deodorants To Use (And Avoid)

FACT: Most mainstream deodorants are tested on animals. FACT: Beeswax is commonly found in natural deodorants. FACT: There is no excuse for poor hygiene! Everyone sweats, but how do you make sure you keep odour at bay while staying true to your cruelty-free ethos? Well there are some natural, cruelty-free, vegan deodorants out there folks! […]

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vegan friendly toothpaste

Is Your Toothpaste A Vegan Toothpaste?

Not so very long ago, toothpastes contained glycerine, also known as animal fat. Glycerin is a humectant – it holds onto water and stops the toothpaste from drying out in the tube. It also prevents dryness in the mouth during brushing. These days glycerin can be made either synthetically or from plant sources, and that’s […]

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vegan haircare

Wash Some (Vegan) Summer Into Your Hair

There’s a whiff of summer in the air and a girl’s thoughts naturally turn to… shampoo. Well, OK, among other things. But soft, sweet-smelling hair on bronzed shoulders is the stuff advertising is made of, and the dream comes one step closer with naturally fragranced and guaranteed vegan haircare. Summer Stories is a boutique new shower […]

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10 tips best ever lashes

10 Tips To Achieve Your Best Ever Lashes

A luscious coat of mascara and a slick of tinted lip balm are sometimes all you need to walk out the door knowing ‘You’ve got this’. Here are our top 10 tips for fabulous (cruelty-free!) lashes. 1. Use a lash primer to maximise the volumising and lengthening potential of your mascara. 2. Apply a light […]

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vegan mascaras

Vegan Mascaras To See You Through The Saddest & The Sweatiest

Finding your perfect mascara match is never easy. It’s not only the vegan ingredients that matter, but the formulation must perform under the most trying of circumstances. We cry, we sweat and work in humid climates; we swim and cycle before heading out on the town. And there are those of us who just need […]

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Kat Von D cosmetic range

We Can’t Get Enough Of Kat Von D & Her Cosmetic Range

We’ve developed a bit of crush on Kat Von D and her beauty range here in the TVC office. It started when we met Kat’s talented and esteemed makeup artist, Stephanie Strazzere, at the Go Big or Go Home Mascara launch earlier this year and has developed into us stalking her insta page. Why? Well […]

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favourite vegan beauty brands

Revealed: Internet Users’ Fave Vegan Beauty Brands

Voters on have chosen their favourite cruelty-free beauty brands. Anyone who visits the site regularly will know that things can change pretty fast depending on how many votes have come in, so here are the edited highlights, in no particular order: Paul Mitchell In 1980, this California-based hair care brand claims it became the […]

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curly fringe

The Curly Fringe Is Bang On Trend

Haven’t you noticed? The fringe is having a major moment. But it’s not so much the glossy, blunt cut, Vidal Sassoon look that has been reawakened. The textured, Woodstock, rock ‘n roll curly fringe is the new ‘it’ style, bringing curly girls out of the shadows and into the limelight. So wave good bye to […]

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Australian Native Botanicals

Australian Native Botanicals You Need In Your Beauty Routine

Over the past couple of years, the biggest buzz in skincare has been Australian native botanicals. It’s with good reason that so many beauty companies are developing products around ingredients that sound better suited to an upscale restaurant menu. Australian native botanical extracts contain extraordinarily high levels of potent ingredients, are full of antioxidants and pack […]

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Beauty & Makeup Tips

13 Beauty & Makeup Tips – Look Fabulous In A Flash

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go. Here are our top beauty & makeup tips for leaving the house looking professional, modern and approachable with a minimum of effort, allowing you that extra 15 minutes to walk the dog before breakfast. Beauty & Makeup Tips: 1. Get in front of the game […]

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Australian vegan brand wins awards

Australian Vegan Brand Wins Multiple Awards At Prestigious UK Beauty Awards

Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan skincare brand, Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John has won in a whopping seven categories in The Beauty Shortlist Best Loved 2019 Mama & Baby Awards, including Best International Natural/Organic Brand. Tested by “an army of mums”, the annual Mother & Baby Awards celebrate the very best products, stores and brands […]

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eyelash extensions

How To Get Eyelash Extensions Without Doing Harm

Want to wake up with dark and voluminous lashes (and no, forgetting take off last night’s make-up doesn’t count). Eyelash extensions have gone from fringe to mainstream in the past decade or so, allowing wearers the freedom of ‘naturally’ long and luxe lashes without the bother of applying falsies or burning through multiple tubes of […]

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long haul flight

Stay Stylishly Vegan On A Long Haul Flight

There are lots of things that are frustrating about long haul travel (some mitigated by that cheeky glass of champagne at the airport) but one thing that’s a perennial chore is packing lots of tiny bottles into your tiny toiletry bag for the flight, and hoping you have the correct sizes for this particular trip. […]

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Is Activated Charcoal The Answer To Your Beauty Woes?

There is one word that has been dominating the conversation in the beauty industry over the last couple of years – CHARCOAL. While it may have been hard for most of us to associate charcoal or to be precise, activated charcoal, with beauty products, let alone apply it on face and hair, their popularity has […]

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nail polish colours

This Season’s Nail Polish Colours Will Warm You Right Up!

Prepare to be bold. The colour for on trend nails this season is a distinctive and radiant orange. If you prefer to start with something more subtle (or your nails aren’t ready to take centre stage) clay and sand colours offer neutral options. Canyon sky blue makes a perfect complement to the warmth of the […]

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skin saving oils

8 Seriously Essential Skin Saving Oils

Winter is here. The temperatures are low and the humidity even lower. This can spell major skin stress, if you’re not careful. The lack of humidity in the air can zap your skin of essential moisture as well as impair its protective barrier, while icy winds and cold temperatures can then cause issues of sensitivity, […]

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estee lauder joins cruelty free

Estée Lauder Joins #BeCrueltyFree Campaign To End Animal Cosmetic Testing

The Estée Lauder Companies have joined the #BeCrueltyFree campaign, the largest effort in history to end cosmetic animal testing globally. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products, Estée Lauder Companies products are sold in over 150 countries under more than 25 brand names […]

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best budget beauty brands

Best Brands For Broke Ass Beauties On A Budget

Splurging on beauty never needs to curtailed when so many impressive products are available at bargain prices from trusted, tried and true brands. There’s something undeniably lovely about high end brands. But if you’ve got no cash to splash, don’t despair, because with a little know-how, you can find what you need in a discount […]

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Vegan Care For Down There

Sometimes it’s hard to be a vegan woman. While there’s an increasing range of vegan foods on offer if you go to the right restaurants, and guidance available from various sources in the world of fashion, there are always going to be those more personal products, about which you don’t feel quite so comfortable making […]

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luxe vegan toothpaste

Luxe Vegan Toothpaste? Smile, It’s Lovebyt!

Bathroom beauty tutorials on Youtube often feature plush towels, expensive candles and high end lotions and potions, but have you ever seen a luxe vegan toothpaste among those fancy bottles and plush accessories? Introducing a premium, vegan, Australian toothpaste that comes in three delicious flavours, complete with striking botanical designs by iconic Aussie artist Bruce […]

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Summer Glow In Winter

Keep Your Golden Glow Throughout Winter

Never mind that the temperatures have dropped, hemlines are lower and sleeves are a lot less short … you still want to glow like the goddess you are, right? To help you out, we grilled the ultimate golden glow-inducer, Sonya Driver, founder of vegan tanning company, Eco-Tan, for her top tips to tan this winter […]

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Want A Budget-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Skincare Brand? We’ve Found It!

An innovative new skin care brand (that took more than 11 years to create), Versed, recently made its debut in Target. The range is made up of 19 products, including cleansers, treatments, moisturisers, a brightening serum, facial peel and eye cream. Its use of powerful and proven ingredients, such as soothing eucalyptus oil, hydrating aloe […]

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At Last! Vegan Friendly Bandaids Now In A Store Near You

The Americans call them bandages, the British call them plasters and we call them bandaids, which is a bit silly really as it’s a trademarked name and we don’t want to get into trouble. So, let’s call them ‘wound coverings’ from now on. The point here is of course that none of the mainstream brands […]

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justin bieber vegan deodorant

No sweat: Justin Bieber Cleans Up With Vegan Deodorant

There’s nothing like celeb power to give The Cause a bit of zing, and singing/songwriting megastar Justin Bieber has once again been doing his bit for ethical living. Bieber has teamed up with vegan beauty company Schmidt’s Naturals to launch an all-natural, all-vegan deodorant called Here + Now. Bieber revealed the exciting new product on Twitter: […]

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kylie skin

We Have The Restock Dates For Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Skin!

Harry Potter, iPhone 6, K-pop concert tickets… and now Kylie Skin has joined the list of fastest selling products ever. It launched on 22 May and sold out on, yep, May 22. it was only a matter of minutes (six to be exact) before the Kylie Skin set, priced at $125, was gone, with the […]

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We Speak With Tattoo Artist, Nerida Nicolson, About Vegan Tatts

Tattoo artist Nerida Nicolson grew up on an orchard in the bush, about an hour and a half out of Sydney. She has been tattooing for the past six years from her studio base in Surry Hills. At around the time she was starting out, she switched to a vegan lifestyle, and now she walks the […]

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vegan foundations

10 Outstanding Vegan Foundations – Beautiful Skin In A Bottle (Or Tube, Or Compact)

With so many makeup brands, and new launches flooding the market, it can be tricky to identify vegan products that tick all the beauty boxes, and have withstood rigorous testing by beauty bloggers and editors, rather than on rabbits or dogs. Your morning makeup routine can be a time and money saving exercise, when you […]

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A Vegan Deodorant Pack (That Really Works)

It’s not often we get excited talking about underarms, deodorants and the like, but today we have a giveaway that everyone in the office is wanting to try. We have six KIND-LY Armpit Detox & 100% Natural Deodorant packs to be won. Wait, what’s an armpit detox? We’re glad you asked. It’s a revolutionary armpit […]

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Celebrity Nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin Reveals How To Stay Healthy and Look Gorgeous This Winter

Want to stay looking and feeling your best throughout winter? Put these foods on your plate AND on your skin! Along with the cooler temperatures, crunchy Autumn leaves and the beautiful soft light we enjoy in the cooler months, we may find that our immunity wanes and we become vulnerable to colds and flu. Building […]

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11 Natural Vegan Deodorants That Actually Work

We all know how hard it is to find a toxin-free, vegan, all-natural deodorant that actually works. Some smell great upon application, but then melt to leave your pits a sweaty, stinky mess. Others go chalky and leave white patches, while some are just plain pretty but serve no real purpose. Herewith, a round-up of […]

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Why Vegan Make Up Artist Steffanie Strazzere Likes To Go Big Or Go Home!

Fact: When asked what is the one makeup item you can’t function without, the majority of women say mascara. And if you’re looking for a compassionate choice that doesn’t short change on bold, beautiful pigment and everlasting wear, then read on. Vegan makeup artist Steffanie Strazzere, part of the Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective, […]

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7 Vegan Bath Products That’ll Make You Want To Soak For Days

Who doesn’t love a long, luxurious soak? I can’t think of anything I love more, to be honest, especially after a long day hunched over my keyboard! Being prone to back problems, soaking in a beautiful bath with therapeutic salts or oils is a major technique I use to help me wind down at the […]

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We Have $250 Worth of A New Beauty Product To Giveaway.

Cleanly and ethically developed, the Naturally Serious skincare range, compromising of seven products, combines powerful natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology for clinically advanced results. Oh, and their vegan! Through sun, sweat and environmental stress, Naturally Serious works to detox your skin from past free radicals, dead cells, and pollution. Utilizing the best of nature and […]

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vegan face masks

5 Vegan Face Masks Guaranteed To Get You Glowing

We know the change of seasons can play havoc with you skin, so we’ve found five of the best vegan face masks guaranteed to have you glowing in no time. Our Pick of Vegan Face Masks 1. Brightening Vitamin C Mask (80g) by Seed & Sour, $56.99 This one is hot off the press. New […]

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Unilever launches Vegan & Sustainable Body & Hair Care. Just Quietly, It’s Awesome!

OK, we’ll be the first to admit that a massive corporation like Unilever still has a way to go when it comes to cleaning up their social, ethical and environmental footprint, but as we say here at The Vegan Company – every step towards a more compassionate world is a step in the right direction. […]

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Swisspers Takes A Step Forward to Help Our Sea Life

It’s fairly safe to say that nobody ever wants to see a picture of a seahorse with its tail wrapped around a cotton tip ever again. The picture I’m talking about was taken by Wildlife Photographer of the Year Justin Hoffman in 2017, and it features a tiny seahorse ‘anchoring itself’ on a discarded single […]

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gut health

Improve Gut Health, Get Great Skin!

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? Nobody, that’s who. Because we all want skin that looks lit from within, and because we know a healthy diet is the key to getting it, the original Gut Guru, author and wellness warrior, Lee Holmes, shares with us her best advice on great gut health on a vegan diet. […]

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6 Vegan Essentials for Flirt-worthy Brows & Lashes

Who doesn’t want thick, shapely brows and long lush lashes that curve skywards? To help you achieve the look of your dreams, we’ve unearthed some of the best vegan brow and lash enhancing products around. Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer, $89 This daily application serum relies on vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free ingredients that works to strengthen […]

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The Sydney Hair Salon Offering Fully Vegan Colour Services!

Finding a fully vegan colour service can be hard, but this Sydney outfit has you covered. Despite the recent joyous news that Australia has passed a law to ban animal testings on cosmetic ingredients, it still can be a minefield navigating professional hair colour and care products. I mean, it’s one thing purchasing your own […]

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We Have 5 Retreatment Botanics Skincare Packs by Oliva Newton-John To Giveaway

The Vegan Company has 5 Packs of Retreatment Botanics Skincare to give away, each valued at $259. Created by Aussie superstar, Olivia Newton-John and her partners and team at Gaia Retreat & Spa in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Retreatment Botanics ticks every vegan and ethical box. Aside from being incredible to use and delivering results […]

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Ex Cosmo Editor Launches Vegan All-Natural Fragrance… and you already know it’s scent-sational!

If you’d expect anyone to know a thing or two about fragrance, it would be a former beauty editor of one of the world’s most recognised brands. Little wonder I was beside myself when my friend and former colleague, Nedahl Stelio, announced that she was launching her own line of cruelty-free, vegan, all-natural, chemical-free fragrances, […]

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Olivia Newton-John Launches Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Palm Oil Free Luxury Skin Care Collection and we’re mad for it!

Olivia Newton-John is undoubtedly the most loved Australian in the history of Australians. Nobody we know would ever argue that. Now, the adored Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Wellness Warrior and Environmental and Animal Rights Champion has given us yet another reason to love her. Olivia and her partners at luxury health retreat Gaia Retreat & Spa in […]

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Pucker Up: The 9 Vegan Red Lipsticks You Need This Valentine’s Day!

Nothing says “kiss me” quite like a perfectly painted red pout. Even if you don’t have a special date lined up for Feb 14, you should still pucker up with one of these vegan, cruelty free red lipsticks. Inika Organic Vegan Lipstick in After Dark, $39. With a long-lasting formula, this warm, dark red is […]

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The Vegan Science-Based Skin Care You Need To Know About

Ordinarily, the words vegan and science don’t sit next to each other in a sentence. Well, one Sydney-based skin therapist, the incredible Douglas Pereira of Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin Therapy in Sydney’s CBD is set to change the way you look at lab-created skin care. His absolutely beautiful range of active, solution-driven cosmeceutical (science + […]

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vegan beauty routine

How To Vegan Up Your Beauty Routine Without Even Trying

Looking to vegan up your beauty routine?  Just a few simple steps will set you on the right path. We asked vegan beauty brand Lux Aestiva’s founder Katie Blyth for her top tips. 1. Start Off Small Whether it’s switching over one product at a time, or changing them over gradually as you run out, […]

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Is Your Vegan Oral Care Actually Working?

When it comes to caring for the health of our teeth, gums and mouth, as vegans we want to use products that are not only effective, but that do as little harm to the environment as possible. With this in mind, we at The Vegan Company choose to shun toothpastes containing microbeads, toothbrushes made from […]

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Summer Hair Stress? We’ve Got You Sorted…

…Thanks to the Australian celebrity hairdresser who has his own vegan, PETA approved hair care and styling range! If summer has you suffering some serious tress stress, you’re not alone. We are enduring this major First World Problem too. But we’ve got your back. Well, actually, mega-celeb hairdresser, Kevin Murphy, who has his own amazing […]

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The Great Sunscreen Debate – Chemical vs. Physical

Wherever you live in the world, applying sunscreen every day (summer or winter) is pretty much non-negotiable, particularly if you live in a country like Australia, which has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world (per capita), according the Cancer Council. However, navigating the vast array of sun care products as a vegan […]

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Skin Care Giant Dermalogica Transitions to Vegan

News just in … skin care giant Dermalogica is embracing 2019 as The Year of The Vegan with a new focus on sustainability, environmentally-friendly products, plus a dedicated vegan category on the site. While they don’t have any official statements as to when this transition will be complete, we couldn’t be more thrilled if we’d […]

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Wanna Win A Swag Of Vegan Prizes? Here’s How

Is your holiday wish list filled with pampering products and beautiful gifts? Yes, you say? Well, simply sign up to receive our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) and tell us in 25 words or less your top tip for surviving the festive season as a vegan. There’ll be prizes awarded each week for a month. If you’re […]

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5 Brilliant Beauty Boosts You’ll Get From A Vegan Diet

We’ve said it before and undoubtedly you will hear us repeat it until the end of time. There are just so many reasons one might journey to a plant-based-vegan lifestyle and every single last one of ‘em is valid and perfectly fine with us … even the ones that involve vanity! Yes, that’s right. A […]

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beauty industry leads way

The Beauty Industry Is Leading The Way In Vegan Products.

The beauty industry has been much-maligned for decades for animal testing and the use of animal-derived ingredients in its many concoctions. But the truth is, as I see it anyway, that it is actually the most vocal and active of all industries in its quest to ending animal testing and animal cruelty and pushing towards […]

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Meet The Australian Vegan Make-Up Brand That Took Over New York Fashion Week!

It’s not every day an Aussie vegan make-up company is asked to create make-up looks for major designers at New York Fashion Week, but Aussie maquillage brand INIKA ORGANIC isn’t just any ordinary vegan make-up brand. As a long-time beauty editor and writer, I can personally vouch that INIKA Organic is a standout make-up brand. […]

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Getting a tattoo? Here’s what you need to know.

I had been itching for a new tattoo, but I want to do it right and make sure it’s vegan-friendly (and share my research with you of course)! Less than a year ago I found myself needing to scratch my tattoo itch. It had been years since I had been inked (long before creating my […]

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Why We Love Mecca Max

When the MECCA MAX press release landed in our inbox, we did a little (ok, make it big) happy dance…. Why? Well from the 1st August 2018, MECCA MAX, the brand made by beauty-junkies for beauty junkies, is proudly, delightfully and definitively 100% vegan. Meaning that the entire collection contains no animal-derived ingredients or undergoes […]

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Why We Love Glam and Grace

There’s just something so special about ‘small batch’ production. Once experienced, the ‘ease’ of mass produced supermarket products just loses its appeal. There’s no going back. This is why we adore Glam & Grace. It’s made in small batches, is non-toxic, silicone- and paraben-free and above all, cruelty-free. High quality production aside, this gorgeous lifestyle […]

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Why We Love Duri Nail Polish

Few things say ‘I’ve got my act together’ quite like perfectly manicured nails. We love, love, love nail polish and try to sport as many shades as possible. What we most certainly do not love, is chemical-laden colours that are created with cruelty. They’re no good for anyone, not our hands and nails and especially […]

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Why We Love Warpaint

What’s the fuss about Warpaint? This refreshing take on oral care is a charcoal-based toothpaste powder that works to whiten and brighten your teeth after just one use (continued use makes your smile even more dazzling). Australian-made, Warpaint is 100 percent vegan and completely natural. While many traditional toothpastes and whitening products contain toxic chemicals […]

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Why We Love: Cedar + Stone

In our humble opinions, a high-quality–low-footprint ethos makes a brand truly shine. With this in mind, allow us to introduce you to Cedar + Stone. The plant-based brand is determined to minimise the impact of chemicals on both our bodies and the environment and it sticks to a firm practice of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In […]

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