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Do you remember that first time? That first time of being pushed into something that you felt completely out of your depth in.  You still managed to turn up, albeit dressed like a geek, immediately pegged as the newbie, heart in mouth and totally awkward.

That was me, walking into my first yoga class, 35 years ago. That scary ‘first’ was the beginning of who I am today. As simple as that class was, it was a revelation to me. My body relaxed enough for me not to notice my aches. My mind stopped and let silence in. And an unknown shimmer washed over my whole being. When I left that class I knew that Yoga was going to teach me how to get back there over and over again. Everyday since that first drop in the ocean, yoga’s mysterious shimmer has been the most profound ripple in my life. I was fully hooked.

An invitation

Be who you are.
Dress like a dag.
The theme is FREEDOM from distractions.
And the destination is deep peace.
BYO blindfold, I’ll take care of the rest.
Could this be your first?

This beautifully intimate practice is known as the withdrawal of senses and in Sanskrit it’s called Pratyahara.

What is Pratyahara?

Pratyahara is a term that means turning your senses away from the external distractions. It doesn’t literally mean blindfold yoga, rather, it’s a way of feeling into the experience of it. By wrapping your head in a blindfold, it’s a cheat’s version of shutting out physical distractions and allowing space and time to anchor yourself from within. This will nourish your nervous system and gently lead you to a place of stillness from within.

Pratyahara is a segue way to the deeper yogic practices of meditation. It is a profound practice of being in the midst of it all and being completely aware of your choice of how you interact and respond to any stimulus. Your attention rests in a pure state of awareness and you get to experience yourself be yourself being yourself.

Pratyahara is an invitation to pause and simply be. Here is the best part… anyone can do this. It’s a class I like to give to that person that says they can’t meditate. This is a very sweet entry into grasping the tools of observation that is meditation.


How is Pratyahara done?

While wearing the blindfold you will move your body in supported restorative poses that are both nurturing and supportive. These gentle movements enhance the flow of prana (energy) that keep your senses heightened. It is possible that during this practice you may experience intuitive downloads. It’s handy to have a note pad beside you to record any insights after you have come out of it. Everything experienced while blindfolded is like receiving the gift of seeing your true nature.

Can you do this yourself at home?

Yes you can, but I would recommend that your first time be guided so that you have a better idea of how to manage the experience for yourself.

For anyone that is anxious, restless, overwhelmed, exhausted, fearful, angry, and just in need a big rest, this is for you!

My tip: it’s more effective to wrap your head with a soft stretchy fabric than it is to wear a sleeping mask. It should feel snug to wear so that no light and very little noise can penetrate it.


Yogi, Adriana, guides you through Pratyahara (blindfold yoga)

In this weeks SUNDAY CHILL OUT SESSION I will be leading a blindfold class. These are free sessions that are shared via zoom.

7.30-8.30pm (Sydney time zone).
To register, please book via my website and once logged in you will receive all zoom and password details. All bookings must be done 30 minutes prior to the session commencing.

What you will need: a wrap for your blindfold, pillows, blankets and to wear loose clothing. Editor’s note: we love…

Looking for other ways to calm your mind and body? Try this simple yoga inversion pose at home.

About the Author


Hi, I am Adriana. I am intuitive. Mother of three, plus a dog named ‘chase’. A plant lover and professional daydreamer. am a flexible thinker, a creative yogi and a devotee to daily doses of beach swims and forest foraging. Did I mention I was intuitive…

When I was 19 years old I was involved in a serious car accident that could of injured me and killed my passenger. But it didn’t because on that day I heard a very distinct, loud voice tell me to instruct my passenger to immediately put her seat belt on. Yep, in those days we really didn’t care too much for safety. As my friend clicked the seat belt into place a car to our left drove through a stop sign, intersecting our car, ramming into us with full force, spinning our car out of control. It was shocking. That voice saved our lives. We came out of the car completely unscathed. I kept repeating “thank God that person told us to put your seat belt on”. She looked perplexed. She didn’t hear any other voice but mine. I grilled her for a while about it. There was no other voice to be heard. With that, my curiosity was fully pricked. What was that voice? Why was I the only one to hear it in the car?

At this same time in my life I met YOGA. Yoga is a beautiful system of facilitating higher states of being. Layer by layer it patiently seeks to explore our soul potential. Without a doubt yoga has been a huge manifestor of intuitive exploration in my life. The aim of yoga is to be comfortable with silence in a body that will allow you time to be still with no interruption. When I enter that stillness and float into silence I come back to that voice. That original source of truth.

Power up to open up! Join me as we explore different ways to open up this channel through Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and through my super special class called Sunday Chill Out Session which is a free offering.

Classes can all be booked through my website:

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