You probably saw the recent media reports about garments trimmed with real fur being mis-sold as ‘faux’ fur in Melbourne markets. The joint investigation by global animal protection organisation FOUR PAWS and MP for Western Victoria Andy Meddick uncovered a raft of items including beanies and jackets that contained fur from raccoon dogs. Raccoon dogs are kept in cages in China for months before being skinned alive or bludgeoned to death.

Since the reports, FOUR PAWS has launched an action calling on the Victorian and New South Wales premiers, Daniel Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian, to lead the way and ban fur. Meddick and fellow Animal Justice Party MP in NSW, Emma Hurst, join the call to ban fur in their states.

Says Meddick: “When you buy a product, what it says on the label should be the truth, but Victorian consumers are being deceived by buying real fur labelled as faux at our iconic Melbourne markets. We don’t know how widespread the illegal labeling problem is or if it is across the entire retail sector. But we do know that we didn’t have to look far to find illegally labelled fur products. That’s why we need an urgent investigation into retailers breaking fur labeling laws, but further, we need to ban fur completely.”

Internationally, more than 100 million animals are killed for their fur every year. Most are raised on fur farms, trapped in small wire cages and forced to endure a shocking life of cruelty, while millions of wild animals are killed for their fur using wire snares and extremely painful body-gripping, foot-hold and leg-hold traps.

FOUR PAWS has campaigned against the cruelty of fur since 1988 and is the official Australian representative of the global Fur Free Retailer initiative, which has signed over 1000 brands to date to the fur free movement.

A recent YouGov opinion poll found 88% of Australians who aware of animal cruelty issues in fashion, are concerned about the welfare and treatment of animals in the fur industry.

Get behind FOUR PAWS #wearitkind campaign and take action today.

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