Animal Justice Party representative, Emma Hurst, has won a crucial seat in the NSW upper house and will hold the balance of power alongside others on the crossbench, including former Labour leader Mark Latham. This is the Animal Justice Party’s second seat in the NSW Legislative Council.

Ms Hurst, who has a master’s in psychology, is a registered psychologist and has been working in animal advocacy for over a decade, is determined to make change. Ms Hurst states on her Animal Justice Party profile, that she ran for NSW Parliament because she was sickened by the way our current government allows major corporations to be cruel to animals simply for profit. By way of examples, Ms Hurst lists the farming of companion animals in puppy farms, battery caged egg systems to huge land clearing which has caused many of our native animals to become homeless and perish.

She said:

“Australians love animals and want to see them protected. By changing policies and law and blocking Bills that would otherwise bring about harm to animals, I’m confident we can build a country that is kind and respectful to all species.”

Ms Hurst’s determination to succeed shouldn’t be underestimated. On joining a gym last year and being told that as a vegan, she’d never be able to get into the bodybuilding scene, she set out to prove otherwise. Ms Hurst went on to win three of the four competitions for her age group in the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding competition in NSW!

The Animal Justice Party was established in 2009 to give a political voice to those who have none. Its goal is to prevent the exploitation of animals and environmental destruction by changing the law. They are committed to stopping factory farming, live export companion and domestic animal abuse and the exploitation of animals for sport and entertainment.

Ms Hurst has also said that the party cares about people too and has progressive policies that would assist farmers transition away from industries such as dairy to more plant-based agriculture methods.

This is a tremendous win for animals and in the words of Ms Hurst, “For the animals – let’s do this!”

Image: Emma Hurst / Facebook.

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