Hollywood’s newest vegan, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, is already making waves on the red carpet and we love him for it. The amazingly talented star of Avengers and Sherlock became officially vegan last year, explaining in an interview that he “eat[s] a plant-based diet.” It came as no surprise when he also was awarded the prestigious title of PETA’S Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrity of 2018.

This year, he’s showing us how it’s done at the Met Gala. Cumberbatch was looking suave, as per usual, in a vegan, all-white ensemble. The suit he wore was made out of an English bamboo material from Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, and he had on a matching Emma Willis Ivory Silk Riding Stock Tie Shirt. While silk is typically not a vegan product, according to Cumberbatch’s stylist Joe Woolfe, “It was silk, but peace silk, which doesn’t involve killing the worms, so it’s fully vegan and cruelty-free.” The look was topped off, so to speak, with a Lock & Co panama hat.

This is not the only time he has been at the cutting edge of vegan fashion as the actor chose to wear a “future wool” suit on the 2016 cover of British GQ. This cruelty-free fabric is made using recycled cotton and recycled polyester blends.

This just goes to show how many alternatives there are available nowadays, making it that much easier to be a compassionate dresser. Check out Prada as they push into sustainability with the launch of their new backpack

Image: Benedict Cumberbatch / Instagram

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