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Maybe this sounds familiar: you’ve been thinking about yoga for a while and you’ve even done a bit of reading about it. You’ve perhaps found some yogis to follow on socials (perhaps even some who specialise in beginner yoga), and you can recall days when your body could contort itself into a million directions. Then that thing happened. Anxiety. Depression. Injury. Illness. Complacency. Ambition. You are even beginning to question who you are, or more to the point, where you’ve gone?

We all arrive to yoga with a story to tell. It’s even OK to admit that you opted for yoga because nothing else was working. Maybe that’s your story or at least, part of it. I know it was mine. So here’s what is really intriguing, and why your higher-self (meaning that annoying wise person living inside you that always makes the right call) got you to stop when anything about yoga came up on your feeds. Yoga is less interested in your story itself, but more to who the story is happening to. You. When you take away that story, who is the person behind the narrative?

Here’s what you get attending a class

Attending a class for the first time can be a bit stressful in itself. With so many gyms offering yoga as part of their membership it can be a bit tricky to get personalised attention when classes are jam packed. For the first session I would opt for a small school that is easy for you to get to. Try a class so that you can at least see if you feel comfortable in the environment and with the teacher. A small class is optimal as it gives you and the teacher time to get to know how, and what, approach yoga will work for you.

The poses and how they work

The poses are ancient moves that have been used for thousands of years as healing tools.

They can vary in capacity, and a skilled and well experienced teacher will know just how to offer one pose at a time with precise awareness to what is right for you. There is no one-pose- fits all approach and all poses can be modified and reconstructed to work for different body shapes. The poses are designed to shift stagnant energy, release tension, mobilise stiffness and heal what is damaged through strength and flexibility. How does this translate into reshaping your story? The view of yourself from the inside out is a little clearer when your body is both stronger and more relaxed. Your life begins to retell it’s story from the perspective of awareness and observation rather than reactive from old patterns of emotions.

The poses themselves become story tellers inspiring explorations of self-awareness. Over time and consistent application, whatever got you to yoga in the first place begins to dissolve and any life questions of who you are and what are you doing with your life start to take on a new level of awareness. What the poses offer to your body is only the beginning to what is an elegant science proven spiritual practice of grasping meaning and purpose to every breath and how you choose to live it.

Cultivate your sacred space at home with online yoga

Online yoga is incredibly convenient and easily accessible. I have loved shifting my classes to this medium. Find a small space in your home that is big enough to roll out your mat. Once on your mat you can deem this your sacred space, your ‘me time’. Just for a little bit of sweetness you may want to light a candle or even have flowers close by. Anything that makes you feel special and loved.

The energy of peace and calmness you cultivate from your yoga session will have a flow on affect through your home. The online approach to yoga requires us to step up to ourselves in a very responsible way. To listen to what our needs are. To respect our limitations and also to take ownership of the experience. A good class will offer you a multitude of variations and it’ll be up to you to work within that framework to best support your needs. I am inclined to consider the online platform an empowering tool that inspires unmet potential and expanding our capabilities where we may of previously felt limited.

Beginner yoga

Let’s get yoga ready

Props are a must for a well rounded yoga at home practice.

What I recommend
Two blankets
Two high density foam bricks
One strap (3 meters)
Two meter length dowel
A strong and thick yoga mat
One or Two bolsters

A few recommendations (not sponsored)

Join me for a session of Yoga for beginners and cultivate sacredness within your home, within yourself.

Here’s a simple inversion pose to try at home for deep relaxation.

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Hi, I am Adriana. I am intuitive. Mother of three, plus a dog named ‘chase’. A plant lover and professional daydreamer. am a flexible thinker, a creative yogi and a devotee to daily doses of beach swims and forest foraging. Did I mention I was intuitive…

When I was 19 years old I was involved in a serious car accident that could of injured me and killed my passenger. But it didn’t because on that day I heard a very distinct, loud voice tell me to instruct my passenger to immediately put her seat belt on. Yep, in those days we really didn’t care too much for safety. As my friend clicked the seat belt into place a car to our left drove through a stop sign, intersecting our car, ramming into us with full force, spinning our car out of control. It was shocking. That voice saved our lives. We came out of the car completely unscathed. I kept repeating “thank God that person told us to put your seat belt on”. She looked perplexed. She didn’t hear any other voice but mine. I grilled her for a while about it. There was no other voice to be heard. With that, my curiosity was fully pricked. What was that voice? Why was I the only one to hear it in the car?

At this same time in my life I met YOGA. Yoga is a beautiful system of facilitating higher states of being. Layer by layer it patiently seeks to explore our soul potential. Without a doubt yoga has been a huge manifestor of intuitive exploration in my life. The aim of yoga is to be comfortable with silence in a body that will allow you time to be still with no interruption. When I enter that stillness and float into silence I come back to that voice. That original source of truth.

Power up to open up! Join me as we explore different ways to open up this channel through Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and through my super special class called Sunday Chill Out Session which is a free offering.

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