The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards celebrate the most loved natural baby, beauty, wellness and eco home products created by ethical brands and tested by experts. 2020 saw a record number of entries from over 16 countries, with winners selected by a panel of specialist independent judges.

This year’s global panel included lead judges Katie Hill, founder of eco living magazine My Green Pod distributed digitally and quarterly with The Guardian to over 6 million readers, Holly Spierings, creative director of Australian natural makeup brand Eye of Horus and New York based makeup artist and wellness consultant Denise del Russo (Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Essence Magazine).

One of the reasons the Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards are so trusted is because they’re strictly sponsor-free. Which means you’re getting an expert opinion based solely on a product’s natural credentials and performance. It also means that boutique brands without big advertising budgets get a fair chance to be discovered.

Popularity of natural & organic products continues to grow

“The demand for natural beauty, baby and household products is accelerating, with more parents intentionally switching to cleaner and greener products – and in turn, we’re seeing a significant increase in plant-based, organic-certified product launches to satisfy this demand,” says awards director Fiona Klonarides.

“The pandemic has put natural and organic products front and centre in parents’ minds. From totally compostable baby wipes to aroma-therapeutic sleep sprays, brands are focusing on innovative ways to provide comfort and peace of mind during this challenging time, reinforcing the fact that there’s never been a more important time for parents to choose natural. Plus, keep a look out for “100% home compostable” zero trace products — an early but important trend.”

Five key trends from the Awards

1. Aromatherapy-centric products
Judges saw a significant rise in the number of natural self-care products offering functional benefits through aromatherapy. Stand-outs like pillow mists and room sprays promoted healthy sleep while offering comfort and peace-of-mind.

2. Dual parent and baby products
Bathing together provides welcome bonding time for both mother and baby. And for 2020, many new products focused on making the most out of this cherishable ‘us-time’. Dual “mum-and-baby/2-in-1” shampoo and body washes rose to the challenge of providing a relaxing and gentle eco-inspired experience.

3. All-in-one balms
Nature’s medicine cabinet has long been a go-to for those who need something gentle but effective to treat life’s minor irritations. This year’s entries saw a record number of multipurpose everyday balms with multiple benefits, designed to ease everything from skin conditions to minor scrapes and stings.

4. Clean cleaners
Right now, making home a safe haven is a priority – starting with non-allergenic and non-toxic green cleaning essentials to keep every room in the house germ-free.

5. Planet-friendly packaging
Brands are increasingly implementing innovative solutions to the problem of waste that go beyond recycled packaging. Glass was a popular re-useable choice, communicating retro cool. And there was a marked rise in zero waste artisan soap and shampoo and conditioner bar entries, banishing the need for planet-damaging plastic packaging altogether.

2020 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Award Winners

The judges clearly had their work cut out for them with so many categories and incredible brands. If you’re a new mum or parent, make sure you check out the full list of winners. For everyone else, here’s our top five of this year’s beauty winners:

Best Natural/Organic Skincare Brand – International

Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John.
This is the second year running since the brand launched that Retreatment Botanics has scooped the Best International Skincare brand award.

Best Natural/Organic Product – Eyes

Best New Launch 2020 – Product

Biode™ Skin Salve-ation All Over Balm, Plastic-Free and 100% Home Compostable
This product is zero trace, 100% home compostable.

Best Hand Lotion

Best Natural Perfume

Vanessa Megan “Harvest” 100 Natural Perfume
Scent notes: sweet orange, lavender, peru balsam, vanilla bean, patchouli and pacific sandalwood.
Aromatherapy benefits: to help balance the nervous system, create joy, build inner confidence and peace

Other top-scoring brands include VOYA (Best Stretch Mark Cream), SKN-RG (Best Natural/Organic Skincare Brand – Innovation), Bramley Little B (Best Calming Balm) and Tisserand Aromatherapy (Best Essential Oil Brand).

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