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Thomas grew up in the UK in an artistic family, though one also with an agricultural, pro-hunting background. He became vegetarian at the age of 16 without knowing a single other vegetarian in his school or personal life.

Studying graphic design, photography and art, he grew creatively throughout his education. 2002 was a landmark year for Thomas. He became vegan shortly before the birth of his son, Noah, and embarked on his career in journalism. This spanned continents and the pages of myriad magazines and websites, as well as introducing him to blogging, website copy work and eventually, social media.

Since that time, he has worked around the world freelance, in graphic design, writing and social media management, vowing in 2013 to commit to only working with ethical companies.

Veganism vs. Ethics – Where Do We Draw The Line?

For many vegans, this might seem like a fairly obvious statement. The definition of veganism, wherever you may find it, is pretty clear-cut: one who avoids animal cruelty in all aspects of their life. Easy, right? Well, yes and no. On an immediate level, it’s a walk in the park; we don’t eat meat or […]

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The Many Faces Of Veganism

Vegan ˈviːɡ(ə)n/ n. a person who does not eat or use animal products. adj. using or containing no animal products. The definition of veganism is pretty clear and concise, not too many grey areas lurking amongst a nuanced description that is numerously interpretable. Society, however, has different ideas about what constitutes our lifestyle of choice. […]

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Taking Part In Plastic Free July? Here’s How Big This Challenge Really Is

I’ve long recognised the issues with our plastic addiction. I have cleaned up enough beaches, recycled enough trash, opted paper over plastic enough times to have it firmly set in my mind that our obsession with plastic must end. We are fixated with it, blind to it, superfluously consuming it in our everyday lives without […]

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