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Sara is a journalist by trade and spent many happy years editing magazines until people stopped buying them and she was forced to transfer her talents to a brave new digital world. Sara lives in the inner city with two small kids, a dog and a cat, and tries her darndest to live an ethical life.

Sara’s background as a journalist and editor includes lengthy stints on titles such as inside out, donna hay magazine and the Sunday Telegraph (no judgement!). She has freelanced for a plethora of brands including Body + Soul, Marie Claire, GQ and Qantas Insider. She has also worked client side in property, retail, fashion, beauty and food.

eyelash extensions

How To Get Eyelash Extensions Without Doing Harm

Want to wake up with dark and voluminous lashes (and no, forgetting take off last night’s make-up doesn’t count). Eyelash extensions have gone from fringe to mainstream in the past decade or so, allowing wearers the freedom of ‘naturally’ long and luxe lashes without the bother of applying falsies or burning through multiple tubes of […]

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Don’t Miss Sascha Camilli’s New Vegan Style Bible

There’s no shortage of vegan cookbooks on the market but when it comes to vegan style, you have to do a little more legwork to find all the information you need. Until now that is! Sascha Camilli is a journalist, fashion editor and dedicated vegan who’s put together the ultimate guide to vegan style. Over […]

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Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit, The More You Eat, The More You Toot

The most common discussion topics for new vegans are (in no particular order) animal rights, mushroom risotto, vegan wine… and flatulence. Actually we just made this up, based on a straw poll around the office. So guess which one we’re going to discuss here? Last week, my five year old brought home a book from […]

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Vegan Care For Down There

Sometimes it’s hard to be a vegan woman. While there’s an increasing range of vegan foods on offer if you go to the right restaurants, and guidance available from various sources in the world of fashion, there are always going to be those more personal products, about which you don’t feel quite so comfortable making […]

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peta approved vegan footwear

The Iconic Launches PETA Approved Vegan Footwear Collection

When The Iconic launched in Australia back in 2011, the novelty of having something delivered to your desk in time for that pesky after-work function was reward enough. Now, our fastest growing online fashion retailer has given us even more reason to log on, with its exclusive Atmos&Here vegan footwear collection. The capsule collection is […]

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At Last! Vegan Friendly Bandaids Now In A Store Near You

The Americans call them bandages, the British call them plasters and we call them bandaids, which is a bit silly really as it’s a trademarked name and we don’t want to get into trouble. So, let’s call them ‘wound coverings’ from now on. The point here is of course that none of the mainstream brands […]

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alternative plant based meat

Beyond Beyond Meat… Aussie Alternative Enters The Supermarket Showdown

So we’ve all heard heaps about Beyond Meat… and we’ve all heard a fair bit about Impossible Meat. And now there’s a true blue Aussie company that’s making a big difference in the vegan space, too. The Alternative Meat Co. products are 100 per cent Australian made and 100 per cent plant based, and not […]

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We Speak With Tattoo Artist, Nerida Nicolson, About Vegan Tatts

Tattoo artist Nerida Nicolson grew up on an orchard in the bush, about an hour and a half out of Sydney. She has been tattooing for the past six years from her studio base in Surry Hills. At around the time she was starting out, she switched to a vegan lifestyle, and now she walks the […]

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vegan tuna

Vegan Tuna ‘Too Much Like the Real Thing’

There’s a new tuna in town and it’s ruffling feathers (or should that be fins?). Vegan tuna. It’s plant-based which means it’s seafood-free, mercury-free and gluten-free, yet packed with nutritious omega 3s and features the light, flaky texture of the real thing. Created in collaboration with seafood industry experts to help address the growing crisis […]

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We’ve Tracked Down The Best Vegan Fashion Tours Around The Globe

Type ‘vegan tour’ into Google and you’re rewarded with options to experience the vegan cuisine of countless cities across the globe. Add the word ‘fashion’ into the mix and… not so productive. But there is light at the end of the stylish tunnel. What do you mean? In London, named last year as the world’s […]

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A Totally Ethical T Shirt Tailored To Fit You? Not Dreaming…

Have you ever found a T shirt that fitted you so perfectly you wanted to wear it forever? Maybe you did; more likely you’re still searching. But hey, T shirts are pretty disposable. They’re generally inexpensive so if you buy one and it doesn’t fill you with joy, then no worries, move on. Or not. […]

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Game Of Thrones Stars: Protectors Of The Vegan Realm

This coming weekend (that’s Monday morning here in Oz), the final episode of the final season ever of fantasy drama Game of Thrones will be screened on Fox, and fans everywhere are heading for the hills in a desperate bid to avoid spoilers. So it seems an opportune moment to celebrate the fact that there […]

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Why Coconuts Are A Girl’s (And A Boy’s) Best Friend

The coconut is known as the Swiss Army penknife of the plant kingdom because, in one tidy package, it provides food, water, fibre that can be spun, and a shell that can be burned to keep you warm. Oh, and it floats. Just what you need on a desert island, where, handily enough, you might […]

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Something For Him: Ethical Menswear For Boys Who Care

Did you know that the world over, female vegans outnumber their male counterparts by about two to one? Some surveys have it showing even more of a divide in some countries (hello USA), at up to four to one. Despite – or perhaps because of – its low base, the sustainable men’s fashion industry is […]

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Why Vegan Make Up Artist Steffanie Strazzere Likes To Go Big Or Go Home!

Fact: When asked what is the one makeup item you can’t function without, the majority of women say mascara. And if you’re looking for a compassionate choice that doesn’t short change on bold, beautiful pigment and everlasting wear, then read on. Vegan makeup artist Steffanie Strazzere, part of the Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective, […]

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There’s Lots of Myths Around Vegan Fashion. Let’s Break Them Down

The world of vegan fashion is clad in assumptions that are outdated, misguided or downright wrong. Here’s where we dust them off and send them on their way. MYTH It’s not stylish BUSTED This is not only untrue, it’s actually the complete opposite of what’s happening on Planet Fashion right now. In 2019 it’s one […]

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How Should Vegans Vote?

With the general election looming, many of us are wondering how to cast our votes in a way that reflects and benefits our lifestyles. So does being vegan affect who you will choose to elect? Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s not that easy to find out where the major parties stand on animal rights. But we’ve had […]

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The Ultimate Winter Wardrobe Without Wool

Who Says Vegans Can’t Knit? As an identifying Vegan-Curious, the issue of wool is one of those ‘eh?’ moments. I mean, animals aren’t hurt when you shave their fleece, right? Wrong, apparently. Even a cursory amount of Googling shows that in fact, the wool industry is one of the most barbaric. The way sheep are […]

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Are You Vegan Because You Mean it, Or Just Because It’s Trendy?

There’s no getting around the fact that ‘vegan’ is suddenly a buzzword. Those who live a vegan lifestyle are growing in numbers faster than we can count. Anecdotal evidence is backed by market research firm Euromonitor International, which named Australia was the third fastest growing vegan market in the world (after the United Arab Emirates […]

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vegan sneakers

Vegan Sneakers – How The Big Brands Measure Up

Big sports brands didn’t get to be big sports brands by staying on the back foot. These days, the main players are keen to show off some ethical cred and scoop up some of those vegan dollars to boot. Of course there are heaps of leather free sports shoes out there, but we’re interested in […]

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