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Robert is a nationally registered AHPRA Psychologist and a Full Member of both the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists. For more than a decade, Robert has worked extensively with professional athletes across all major codes in Australia including the NRL (where he has been a long standing consultant with a Sydney based club), the AFL and the A League.

Throughout this time, Robert has also widely consulted with elite and sub elite athletes (across a range of individual and group sports) who have successfully competed at both international and national level (including the Olympic Games, World, and National Championships). Robert has pioneered Sport and Performance Psychology programming and services across multiple settings, focusing on the wellbeing and mental skills development of athletes/performers. Robert runs MindField Sport Psychology and as a Positive Psychologist is a former licensee of the Happiness Institute.

‘Come To Your Senses’ … And Consider This Simple and Profound Wisdom

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, perhaps so much so that hearing it repeated across our lives has taken us past the point of listening to what is being asked of us, or understanding the simple wisdom at heart of its construction (and instruction). ‘Come to your senses’ From where?  To what? Well…like an ocean […]

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Everyone’s Talking About ‘Wellbeing’. Here’s What An Expert Has To Say

What is Wellbeing? Enter the word in your search engine of choice, and like Beyonce in the noughties or Adele/Ed Sheeran in the twenty-tens, the hits just keep on coming…is it ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’; maybe ‘one’s quality of life’; perhaps even ‘living life to our full potential’? Happiness, quality, potential. […]

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