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tread a kinder path


Jack is a university student at Flinders University in South Australia studying both zoology and psychology. This combination of study gives a novel perspective when talking about a variety of the top issues of the time; animal rights/welfare, veganism, conservation, consciousness, and philosophy are all topics of great interest.

It is all well and good to have an opinion on a hot topic, but if that opinion cannot be defended when under a critical lens, then it is not an opinion that can stand for long. Jack tries to bring this mentality to any topic he covers, with reason and evidence taking the lead.

You can find Jack on MediumTwitter and Instagram.

impossible burger

Is The Impossible Burger Too Good To Be True?

 This giant in the world of meat alternatives has received plenty of criticism recently, but is it justified? The Impossible Burger, the signature product of Impossible Foods Inc., has come under scrutiny in recent weeks within the vegan community. On the surface, it seems as though the company has goals that fit perfectly within the […]

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lab grown meat

Lab Grown Meat Is The Future. Here’s Why

Throughout history, people have eaten meat as a large component of their diet. Vegans, on the other hand, eat plants. This is no revelation. The reasons for this difference are typically based in ethics, with vegans not wishing to fund the suffering and slaughter of conscious beings such as livestock. Environmental factors also rank highly […]

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