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Donna, revolutionary Vegan Nutritionist and Australian Latin Dance Champion, is a popular plant-based health and lifestyle author who offers a fresh and knowledgeable approach to veganism in forums such as Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal and others.

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Want Better Sex? Then It’s Time To Make The Switch To A Plant Based Diet

Hey Healthy Hottie, Let’s talk about sex today! Anyone else excited? Have you ever wondered if there was a magic potion or pill you could take to improve your sex life? Sorry, but the pharmaceutical industry has been conning us all—we don’t need drugs to have better sex! Nature already has a much more effective […]

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Adding Up The Cost Of Healthy Eating? Make Sure Nutritional Value Is Part Of The Equation

Hey Healthy, Sexy, Vegans! Is it possible to eat healthy on a budget, or are healthy foods just too expensive? Well, the cost of eating healthy really depends on how we measure it. Typically we’ll think in terms of calories—and we want them cheap. (How many calories can I get for my dollar?) By this […]

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Reducing Protein Can Help You Lose Weight & Live Longer

Hey Beauties! Multiple studies have shown that restricting calories can have a positive impact on lifespan and overall health. Yet, most of us find it pretty tough to actually do it. In the well-known “Minnesota Starvation Study,” volunteers experienced obsession with food, constant hunger, psychological and emotional challenges, and bingeing. It should give us cause […]

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