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Founder of The Soul Project, Ash Smithies is a certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™ based in Melbourne, Australia. Ash is professionally trained to help people rewire their subconscious mind and develop a deeper connection with themselves.

Ash is passionate about guiding others on a holistic level to take control of their limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Ash’s clients experience a deeper sense of self-worth and confidence from their coaching sessions, which impact their relationships with themselves and with others.

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Having Trouble Switching Off? It Could Be Time To Balance Your Energies

There’s a reason you find it hard to switch off… Do you ever feel like you are moving so quickly that you’re afraid of what would happen if you stopped? Maybe you’ve got huge dreams so you have an overwhelming sense of guilt when you rest. Or perhaps you’ve been brought up in a household […]

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conscious living

There’s Lots Of Talk About Conscious Living. Here’s Why It Matters

It took me 26 years before I sat down and put some thought into what I valued most in life. That’s a pretty long time to be living with no real understanding of what fulfilled me. Looking back I can see myself as a bit of a floater in my early 20’s. I’d breeze in […]

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