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Ash is a transformational coach and clinical neuropsychologist, with a passion for holistic wellbeing and plant-based living.

With over ten years’ experience in the health, developmental, and medical fields, Ash incorporates coaching principles to assist clients who are seeking to achieve health and wellness goals, attain more balance in their lives, improve emotional stability, overcome addictive behaviours, and increase levels of happiness and fulfilment.

Ash is committed to continual and ongoing self-development, and she has personal interests in fitness, yoga, travel, integrative nutrition, and alternative medicine. More of Ash’s work can be found at

Minimalism: Do We Need To Downsize Relationships Too?

Lately, I find myself reevaluating the people with whom I choose to spend my time and energy. Minimalism is funny like that. What started as a quest to eliminate clutter and reduce stress, has turned into a full blown lifestyle adjustment. And not surprisingly, my relationships are in for a tune-up as well. Minimalism isn’t […]

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Goal Setting 101 – You don’t need willpower!

Thirty day challenges are all the rage in November, particularly in Australia. The weather is warming up and party season is about to hit… perhaps making it the last chance we have this year to finally achieve those new years goals. You know, the same goals we made last year. And the year before. Why […]

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Finding The Change To Vegan Hard? Hang In There – It Gets Easier

Perception is a funny thing. Every change seems hard, before we do it. And every change seems easy, after the fact. Just like when we become vegan. Before I became vegan, I remember thinking that it was impossible. Only when I actually took the plunge, did I realise just how simple veganism was. At first, […]

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Hooked On Drama? Here’s How to Break The Cycle

Do you ever find yourself repeatedly getting into conflict with others? Maybe you find yourself having the same old argument with someone, again and again. Maybe you get involved in heated discussions on Facebook – or you’re the spectator as others engage. Or maybe you’re really into reality TV. These behaviours all serve the same […]

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Seeking A More Meaningful Life? Minimalism Might Be The Answer

Lately, I’ve been questioning my existence and my place in the world. No, I’m not having a mid-life crisis. Actually, my philosophical musings are the result of my minimal living. As I purge the unwanted and unnecessary from my life, I create room for greater meaning and purpose. Eliminating the clutter means that I have […]

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Here’s How To Avoid Activism Burnout. Yep, It Happens To The Best Of Us

Activism is stressful. Whether it’s attending protest rallies, rescuing abandoned animals, or capturing footage of terrified animals as they are dragged to their execution. Of course, some forms of activism are relatively benign, while others are more traumatic. With activism, comes the potential for our own distress. Post-traumatic stress, to be precise. In some people, […]

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While It Sometimes Feels Like Everyone Hates Vegans, Don’t Despair…

Vegans are hungry. They’re hungry for the things that aren’t easily found in today’s world. Justice. Equality. Compassion. Peace. Why does everybody hate vegans? Because they remind us of what’s possible. Vegans have the ultimate motivation, inspiration, and willpower. They have the fortitude to stick to their convictions, no matter how much mockery, ridicule, humiliation, […]

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