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Hi, I am Adriana. I am intuitive. Mother of three, plus a dog named ‘chase’. A plant lover and professional daydreamer. am a flexible thinker, a creative yogi and a devotee to daily doses of beach swims and forest foraging. Did I mention I was intuitive…

When I was 19 years old I was involved in a serious car accident that could of injured me and killed my passenger. But it didn’t because on that day I heard a very distinct, loud voice tell me to instruct my passenger to immediately put her seat belt on. Yep, in those days we really didn’t care too much for safety. As my friend clicked the seat belt into place a car to our left drove through a stop sign, intersecting our car, ramming into us with full force, spinning our car out of control. It was shocking. That voice saved our lives. We came out of the car completely unscathed. I kept repeating “thank God that person told us to put your seat belt on”. She looked perplexed. She didn’t hear any other voice but mine. I grilled her for a while about it. There was no other voice to be heard. With that, my curiosity was fully pricked. What was that voice? Why was I the only one to hear it in the car?

At this same time in my life I met YOGA. Yoga is a beautiful system of facilitating higher states of being. Layer by layer it patiently seeks to explore our soul potential. Without a doubt yoga has been a huge manifestor of intuitive exploration in my life. The aim of yoga is to be comfortable with silence in a body that will allow you time to be still with no interruption. When I enter that stillness and float into silence I come back to that voice. That original source of truth.

Power up to open up! Join me as we explore different ways to open up this channel through Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and through my super special class called Sunday Chill Out Session which is a free offering.

Classes can all be booked through my website:

Beginner yoga

Beginner Yoga? Here’s What To Expect

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Sleep Better With These Simple Breathing Techniques

Conversations with a yogi… Sleep is the best How amazing do you feel when you wake up after a really solid and peaceful sleep? Most of us are keen to know how to sleep better. And for good reason – your body needs sleep, just as it needs air and food to function at its […]

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Achieve Ultimate Bliss With Pratyahara (Blindfold Yoga)

Casual conversations with a yogi… Do you remember that first time? That first time of being pushed into something that you felt completely out of your depth in.  You still managed to turn up, albeit dressed like a geek, immediately pegged as the newbie, heart in mouth and totally awkward. That was me, walking into […]

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yoga inversion

In Need Of Some Deep Relaxation? Try This Yoga Inversion Pose

Casual conversations with a yogi… Ready to drop into a deep state of relaxation? One of the quickest and most potent ways to instantly untangle your body and rest your mind is with a yoga inversion. This pose belongs to a group of inversions that are known as Viparita Karani, which literally translates as “doing […]

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