Have you ever found a T shirt that fitted you so perfectly you wanted to wear it forever? Maybe you did; more likely you’re still searching.

But hey, T shirts are pretty disposable. They’re generally inexpensive so if you buy one and it doesn’t fill you with joy, then no worries, move on.
Or not. Citizen Wolf is out to right that wrong with its made-to-measure range of ‘smarter casual’ T shirts.

The brand takes a refreshingly different approach to nearly all other fashion brands that default to standard sizes – and by doing so failing four in five people.
It wasn’t so long ago that bespoke tailoring was the norm. But recent generations have drifted away from the idea as it’s traditionally slow, time consuming and expensive – three things it seems we’re only happy these days to invest in a wedding dress.

But Citizen Wolf are bringing tailoring back, 21st century style. The company – that has been recognised as one of the most sustainable and transparent clothing companies in Australia – sources all its fabrics from Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accredited mills, which are regularly audited to ensure zero labour exploitation.

Manufacturing is local – every T shirt is cut and sewn in the Darlinghurst micro factory (you can pop in and take a look around if you like) with all off-cuts upcycled rather than being sent to landfill.
And finally, yes! The clothes are vegan. (Although there is a merino wool option, it is certified cruelty-free, sourced strictly from unmulesed sheep in Australia and New Zealand.)

All you have to do is select a style, choose your fabric from a selection of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton, and colour. Then you punch in your height, weight and bra size (honest answers only, folks) and in around 10 days, you’ll have your new T shirt delivered free to your door.
Ranging from $59 to $119, they’re not cheap. But in fashion circles there’s something called cost per wear. And you’ll be wearing this a lot, so in real terms, it’s practically free.

Visit Citizen Wolf or if you’re in Sydney, call in to the store at 2 Steam Mill Lane, Haymarket.

Image: CitizenWolf/Instagram.