Whether you’re a die-hard fashionista or more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda kid, this year will be a great one for vegan fashion.

While many couture houses and top designers are putting their energies towards more vegan friendly options, the pickings are still pretty slim when you want to match the top trends with cruelty-free choices.

Here, nine of 2019’s top fashion trends and the best online places to head to for the animal-friendly, vegan options.

Oversized Hats
We’re talking seriously oversized hats here, like XXXL! Over-sized sun hats are the go-to accessory right now and THE BIGGER, THE BETTER!! It’s a nod to the fabulousness of animal activist beauty icon Brigit Bardot and it has the added value of providing mega sun protection sun protection.

Sensible Shorts
Think knee-length, loose, tailored and most definitely paired with a stack heel or loafer for a totally preppy, sexy look. Shorter legs? Try wearing with nude wedge, which will give the illusion of length.

Tight Pleats
OK let’s call this the micro-pleat, which it really is. Iconic designer Issey Miyake is famed for it, but it became pretty mainstream late last year, proving itself as a bona fide trend. This year we’re seeing it appear finer with more flair – in skirts, pants, shirts, blouses and dresses. The fineness of the pleat means that when you move, the fabric flows more dramatically and creates a beautifully flowing ethereal look.

Thongs, Flip-Flops & Flats
It’s official – casual is the new black. The ever so easy to wear and uber comfy Thong or Flip-flop emerged at various Fashion Week runways in 2018 and next minute, celebrities and icons of street style were pairing them with their silk dresses, suits and printed skirts. Way to go, we say! Cool Flats will also be taking over from the six-inch heel in 2019 so you can happily prepare yourselves for a comfortable year! Phew.


Puffed Shoulders
The 1980s called and it’s on its way back. While th shoulders won’t be quite so padded, they will be puffy AF! Often gathered at the shoulder with pleats of elastic, they work particularly well with square necklines on feminine dresses and they do a great job of creating a voluptuous, well-shaped hourglass figure.

Summer Waterproofs
Clothes made from waterproof fabrics are usually the heroes of winter, but we all know how quickly a summer storm can hit. Also, there’s nothing better that slipping on a waterproof dress after a dip in the ocean, knowing it won’t be drenched within seconds.

Fringing is back in a big way (we’re holding the 2018 obsession with the cowboy boot responsible) in everything from jackets, skirts and trousers through to handbags. Coachella, sorted.

Vibrant, zesty hues are back with gusto after endless seasons of pastels and we’re kinda excited about it. Sure, it takes some confidence to pull off, but IF you’re game to give it a go then simply add a neon knit or tank to your wardrobe (an absolute staple for the season). If you’re bolder then it is an obvious choice for you, go for the colour blocking option!

To us, sequins will forever be on trend, but we accept that this could be our team’s opinion (Yetta Rosenberg anyone!). This year we will see sequins sparkling on everything from jumpsuits, jackets and strappy tops. If sequins aren’t your thing then you can go for a gently beaded option, or simply sew a few subtle sequins on cuffs and necklines.


Where to shop
Stella McCartney is an obvious choice, but for those looking for more purse friendly alternatives, it’s heartening to see major high-street brands such as H&M, Top Shop and Zara are offering cruelty free options in their ranging. One of our favourites, Free People (featured above in the fashion pics), ship internationally to over 100 countries and regions. While for vegan shoes, bags & accessories, we love Matt & Nat, Beyond Skin, Gunas, Angela Roi, State of Escape and Chuchka.


By Sally Souter, The Vegan Company

Pictured fashion from Free People. Main Photo by Dom Hill on Unsplash.




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