Energy balls, bliss balls, vegan power balls … these little spheres of superfoods give you an instant boost, with a carefully curated blend of protein, carbs and fibre, depending on the ingredients used.

Sure, you can buy them, but why would you, when they’re so easy to make at home? Simply choose the recipe to suit your tastes and needs, whip up a batch and keep them in the fridge or freezer, so you have a ready-made, healthy snack whenever you need to pep up your energy levels.

Delicious Vegan Power Balls

1. Raw Vegan Chocolate Energy Balls. This chocolatey recipe has evolved from a family secret and been perfected over 30 years – little wonder they taste so amazing! From Not Quite Nigella

2. Triple Almond Energy Balls. If this isn’t joy on a plate, we don’t know what is. With a wonderful array of rainbow colours, these are refined-sugar, gluten, dairy and soy-free and the beautiful bright colours come from natural sources, like beetroot juice. From Oh She Glows 

vegan power balls

3. Peanut Butter Energy Balls. You’re only six ingredients and 10 minutes away from these balls of chocolatey-nut goodness. Go get ‘em. From Deliciously Ella

4. No Cook Apricot Energy Bites. Got 15minutes? You’d be mad not to make these! Naturally sweetened by the apricots, they pack a nutrient-rich punch, thanks to flaxseed, nuts and coconut. From Ruchis Kitchen

5. Cashew and Vanilla Coconut Bliss Balls. Packed full of protein, zinc and dietary fibre, these bliss balls will keep you going in between meals in the healthiest and tastiest way. From Art of Healing.

6. Kitchen Sink Superfood Brownie Batter Balls. Unbelievably, these are free from anything even slightly naughty – no sugar, egg, gluten, grain, soy, oil, or fat, but they are seriously indulgently delicious, and they’re packed so full of goodness. From Chef Amber Shea

7. Cacao Bliss Balls. Who knew something so small could pack such a powerful punch and taste so great too. You’ll definitely avoid the morning slump with this hit of high energy! From Gently Vegan.

Main image courtesy of Oh She Glows.

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