Who doesn’t love a long, luxurious soak?

I can’t think of anything I love more, to be honest, especially after a long day hunched over my keyboard! Being prone to back problems, soaking in a beautiful bath with therapeutic salts or oils is a major technique I use to help me wind down at the end of a long day.

Hunching over the computer aside, the other tough part of my job is road-testing vegan beauty products, so you don’t have to. OK, yes, that’s a joke, but in any case, I thought I’d put a few bath products to the test – again, so you don’t have to.

Herewith, some truly top-notch bath salts, scrubs and salts that will leave you clean, pampered, relaxed and soothed, without a skerrick of animal cruelty involved in their creation.

Go forth, soak until your fingertips prune and relax your work-weary muscles and mind into peaceful, slumber-inducing oblivion!

1. Daylesford Apothecary Crystal Infused Rose Quartz Body Scrub, $28

Technically, this is a body scrub, but I heaped a few scoops in my bath and boy was I happy that I did. With magnesium-rich, muscle-relaxing Epsom salts, Australian pink clay, rose petals and an infusion of rose quartz crystal, it provided a relaxing, scent-sational, skin and mind soothing soak that I wanted to last forever.

For literally hours afterwards, I felt super chilled and that night enjoyed the most restful sleep in as long as I could remember. My skin felt smooth AF, too. Put it high on your list of bath and body essentials.

Daylesford Apothecary Crystal Infused Rose Quartz Vegan Body Scrub


2. Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb, $8.95 for 200gm

With a base of bi-carb soda, the fizzle this brings to the bath is enough to love it alone. However, add to that uplifting scents of grapefruit and peppermint oils, grounding essences of vetiver and cedarwood and the most incredible swirling, glittering blue hue that it imbues the water with, and you’ve got a sphere of sheer relaxation and wellbeing.

While this is relaxing, it also adds pep and clarity to the senses, so sometimes I even swap my morning shower for a soak with this beauty. Give it a go. You won’t regret it.

Lush Intergalactic Vegan Bath Bomb


3. Caim & Able Protect Magnesium Bath Salts Lavender & Rosemary, $29.95

I’m going to admit first being draw to these luxe salts because of the totally adorbs wolf on the label, but once I opened the jar and sprinkled these salts in my tub, I was hooked.

Magnesium draws tension from tight muscles, but also the cleansing, purifying and relaxing scent from rosemary and lavender really helps dissolve the worries of day to day.

Calm & Able Protect Magnesium Vegan Bath Salts Lavender & Rosemary

4. Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap in Rose, $12.95

While this is available in a massive selection of scents, from peppermint to lavender, green tea to tea tree, each of them literally to-die-for, this has to be my fave, pretty much because I think rose is the most relaxing and comforting floral around. Always has been; always will be, IMHO.

Adding to the sweetness is that Dr. Bronner’s soaps are concentrated, biodegradable, made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients and packaged in 100 percent post-consumer recycled bottles.

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap in Rose


5. Weleeda Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk, $29.95

This is an ideal soak for those who like to start the day with a bath. Or you can add it to a konjac sponge and get all sudsy in the shower. It is infused with uplifting, invigorating rosemary, so sharpens and clears the mind, ready for anything the day might throw your way.

Weleeda Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk

6. Daylesford Apothecary Moonstone Body Scrub, $28

Infused with healing moonstone crystals, these Epsom salts also contain Australian white clay and blue mallow flowers to draw out impurities through the skin, relax muscles and leave you feeling pampered from head to toe.

Daylesford Apothecary Moonstone Body Scrub


7. Lush Turtle Immersion Jelly Bomb, $10.95

With a nod to our oceans, this cute-as turtle jelly bomb reminds us to keep our oceans clean. It also fills your bath with good for you – and the ocean – skin softening ingredients, which also help soothe the mind. Think: calming, grounding oils of cypress and sandalwood.

Lush Turtle Immersion Jelly Bomb


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