Most of us in life own a scarf and for good reason. A scarf can turn any ensemble into something truly sensational. It’s a cost effective, simple way to instantly update your look. See some examples of how to wear different scarves in different ways. Scarves are an important staple for every wardrobe 

1. This trans-seasonal scarf is lightweight and utterly feminine. It conjures images of seaside strolls and salty air.

2. Hand-dyed using a traditional African dyeing technique called resist dyeing, each and every one of these scarves is slightly different, which means that your scarf will always be one of a kind. Profits from your purchase are also reinvested into young women in Kenya, which gives us even more reason to love it. 

3. This generously-sized shawl can be worn around the shoulders or wrapped around your neck. Either way, it’s a super stylish means of keeping out the winter chill. You also have the option to personalise it, with your name or initials embroidered on.

4. The cable knitted snood is the must-have accessory of the season and this style by Jendi has us frothing. Get cosy by looping it twice for an effortless layered look. 

5. Bring out your inner BoHo with this Songbird Printed Bandana, available in three colourways and prints. Use it to tie back your strands, to add accent to your handbag, or as a chic neck accessory. 

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