If you’ve ever watched anything on YouTube before, the chances are you not only know who Jenna Marbles is, but have spent more than an evening laughing along as she has covered her face in rhinestones, put all her efforts into growing taller, given herself a beard, or has just been generally bizarre and yet somehow relatable at the same time. The fantastically funny YouTuber is undoubtedly the reigning queen of the internet and it’s with good reason. With currently more than 19 million subscribers, she not only entertains us all with her weekly videos, she proves time and time again that she is an all-round amazing person.

She teaches us not to worry what other people think
If we know anything about Jenna Marbles, it is that she’s always going to be herself. In a high-pressure world, Jenna reminds us to have fun and not take life too seriously. If she wants to dramatically change her own hair, shave off her eyebrows, or cover herself in paraffin wax, she absolutely, unapologetically will. In the words of the internet sensation herself: “It’s okay. You just gotta grab that giraffe by the ears and ride it on out.”

She brought us food of the future
Jenna’s journey led her to embrace veganism in 2015, and since that time she has brought us a range of weird and wonderful vegan cooking adventures. A few of the noteworthy recipes (all of which are vegan) include ‘the best’ grilled cheese, corn on the hotdog (yes, it’s as strange as it sounds), and cauliflower buffalo bites. However, our number one fav is the ‘Breakfast Sandwich from the Future,’ the ultimate vegan breakfast sandwich made with JUST Egg, Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, and Beyond Sausage. According to Jenna, “It’s literally like a sausage, egg, and cheese [sandwich] from McDonald’s.”

She is continually improving herself
Jenna Marbles started making content under her current pseudonym back in 2010. Nine years and over 450 videos later, it’s not surprising that her content has along changed with her. While her original content was very funny, she did express some problematic ideas and language. However, as she’s grown and made the effort to educate herself, she has shown just how far she’s come when she reflected on her old content in the video ‘Reacting To My Old Videos (300th Video).’ Jenna says, “I’ve said words in the past that just aren’t okay. A lot of my older videos, like, I said some words that are just offensive. I think having a comment section and always reading the comments has helped me a lot as a person. You know, kind of grew up and realized that I don’t want to talk like that, I don’t want to be like that, I don’t want to use those words that I used and I stopped.”

She loves animals
It is no secret that Jenna is a proud pet owner. Her dogs are regularly featured in her videos, and her fur family has grown over the years. Since getting Mr Marbles and Kermit, Jenna has added Peach and, more recently, rescue Greyhound ‘Bunny,’ to the mix, bringing her total dog count to four. Bunny was a blood donor dog who was adopted through GreySave, an organisation which specialises in rehoming Greyhounds in Southern California. Jenna also goes above and beyond to make sure her dogs are happy and healthy, working to teach her dogs to swim, climb stairs, and overcome their anxieties.

She refuses to sell out
Despite her astronomical rise to fame, Jenna prioritises authenticity over making money. With over 3.1 billion YouTube views and counting, it is no wonder that she has been offered many lucrative deals over the years. Yet, our girl continues to turn down these deals – and the sizeable pay checks that come with them – in favour of creating content she genuinely believes in: “I turn down a lot of things when I feel like they’re buying my audience.”

We can all be assured that Jenna will keep being Jenna, and we love her for it! Being a beautiful person inside and out, with so many wonderful qualities, it’s no surprise that she has won the hearts of so many.

Image: Jenna Marbles/Instagram

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