We’ve said it before and undoubtedly you will hear us repeat it until the end of time. There are just so many reasons one might journey to a plant-based-vegan lifestyle and every single last one of ‘em is valid and perfectly fine with us … even the ones that involve vanity!

Yes, that’s right. A plant-based diet makes you look better. Why? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a rundown of all the way your looks improve when you decide to ditch meat and eat the vegan way!

1. Your skin will glow

Food sourced from animals, in particular meat and dairy, can put a strain the body’s digestive system and cause everything to become congested (lymph flow, circulation, oxygenation of the cells, waste removal and so on). As a result, toxins can build up in the body and sit under the surface of the skin, causing a dull complexion and all kinds of skin complaints, ranging from dehydration to pimples.

Conversely, a plant-based diet is naturally deeply hydrating to the body and fills it with nutrient-dense, fibre-rich foods, all of which the circulatory systems of the body function optimally.  The result is more clarified, glowing skin. Count us in!

2. You will be less puffy

You know that puffy look you can sometimes get in your face and around your eyes? That’s typically caused by inflammation, which is a result of free radicals attacking healthy cells. Free radicals are introduced by many things, including pollution and smoke, but also by eating the certain foods like sugary junk and processed foods, meat and you guessed it, dairy.  A plant-based diet is naturally anti-inflammatory because it is filled with antioxidants, which work to stop free radicals before they can attach themselves to healthy cells. As such, you will notice that puffy appearance reducing within a few short weeks of eating vegan.

3. You will lose weight

Studies suggest that on the whole, vegans have a healthier/lower BMI than non-vegans. Assuming you don’t simply reach for carbs and pastas, you will shift some centimetres when you swap to a plant-based diet. This is great news if you’ve been carrying a few extra kilos. However, do watch this one if you’re already on the slimmer side and be sure to eat a well-balanced, satiating diet so you don’t become underweight, which can be as unhealthy as being overweight!

4. Your tummy will be flatter

As you ease into your new plant-based diet, so too your gut microbiome will become healthier. At first, you might experience a bit of gas and bloating, but after a few weeks of healthier living, this will disappear and you will enjoy vastly improved digestion and a flatter, firmer tummy.

5. Your eyes will sparkle

Again, this has to do with the nutrient-rich foods you’re eating. Naturally higher in fibre and water, a diet rich in plant-based foods will support your body’s hydration and toxin removal. The result, clear, bright, sparkly eyes!