Listen up! There’s a rare celestial event happening later this month called a ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ and if you’re planning on taking up extra studies this year then go for it with gusto!

According to a leading spiritual adviser, Rose Smith, who heads up the Super Blood Moon is all over your intention and is there to support you the entire way.

Aussie Astrologer, best-selling author and founder of Yasmin Boland has a different take and advises: “This is the time to work through your emotions and forgive yourself and anyone else you need to. Also move on from the past. The fact that this eclipse is in January works brilliantly if you still haven’t quite drawn a line under 2019. Do it now!”

Rose admits that while the name “Super Blood Wolf Moon” does sound impressive, it basically means that there are three separate events, all happening simultaneously.

“The ‘Super’ refers to the fact that this month’s Full Moon is a Super-Moon to occur on January 21 in Australia.  A Super-Moon is a Full Moon when it’s within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth during its monthly orbit, or perigee, making it appear about seven percent bigger than the moon when it’s at its average distance.”

“Despite the terrifying description, a ‘Blood’ moon is just another name for a total lunar eclipse,” reveals Rose. “A total lunar eclipse occurs when a Full Moon passes into the Earth’s shadow.

The ‘Wolf’ part of this month’s moon description originates from Native American tribes and early colonists, who had names for the Full Moons in every month of the year.

“It describes what is happening at the time of the moon,” explains Yasmin. “The Wolf Moon is when the wolves are out hunting and howling in mid-winter in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Rose adds: “The wolves are howling over the scarcity of food during wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere. The wolf is generally a good omen for learning, studying and self-expression.

“It’s a really good sign if you’re considering upskilling to further your career prospects or if you are looking at ways to improve your self-development.

It’s also good news if you have children starting a new school this year or if they are beginning their final year of study or first year of university.”

Rose says this rare combination will express itself in many ways, so be prepared!

  • Change: “Eclipses represent the end of something and the beginning of something else;”
  • Awareness: “It’s about having a hidden situation come to light. Illumination is a key point;”
  • Energy: “It will bring out the ‘wild women’ and the feminine side will come to the fore;” and
  • Spirituality: “Wolves are symbolic of teachers communicating their wisdom for the good of all.”

Yasmin adds: “Eclipses used to be feared in days gone by, but modern astrologers see them very differently. They are more or less when the Universe changes gears, so if you want to change your life, this is the time to do it. Be aware, though, that because this is a Full Moon eclipse, we are all being asked to move on from someone or something which no longer serves us. If you cling on now, the whole experience can be a lot more difficult!”

Sadly, unless you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you will be unable to see this moon.

“This will be a Full Blood Wolf Moon, but it won’t be visible from Australia. The moon will be visible from the US and UK and likely to have an impact on the governments of those countries more so than here. We’ll also possibly see some interesting developments when it comes to Teresa May with Brexit and Donald Trump’s ongoing battle to build his border wall with Mexico.”

Well … just after we interviewed Yasmin and Rose for this story, we got news of the UK government saying a Big Fat No to Brexit, right? Coincidence? Perhaps, but we like to believe in the spiritual, so we’re going to say ‘nothing is a coincidence’. The jury’s still out on Trump, The Wall and the closure of the US Government, but it’s really just case of ‘Watch this Space!’.

But back to us not seeing it in Oz …

“We will still get a spiritual ‘hit’ but not as strongly as the US or UK,” reveals Rose. “I always think it’s stronger when you can actually see it, but it still affects us regardless. Interestingly, our election could be influenced by these eclipses as the effects can last up to six months afterwards. So, it’s not just something [that occurs] on the day. We can expect to see hidden secrets revealed around our politicians.

“This lunar eclipse occurs in the astrological sign of Leo. Leo is the king of jungle and can represent royalty and also the leadership of countries.  Any leadership position actually could be affected, so think large corporates or even people in positions of authority in local community or religious groups. Lionesses make great mothers and defend their young in all circumstances, even against their fathers. These are powerful totem animals. A person will know if they have these spiritual totems if they have an affinity for cats or dogs.”

“Leo rules glamour, creativity, romance and fertility, so these things will become more important over the next few months.”

Right-o then, let’s all set our intent and write a list of what we want to achieve in 2019 and embrace this Super Blood Full Moon for all that positive energy it’s shining our way!

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