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Got something to say? At The Vegan Company we love to collaborate with like-minded people and we welcome all newsworthy and suitable contributions.

Our mission is for veganism to be accessible, achievable and above all, enjoyable. That means sharing the ideas, advice and real life experiences of our contributors.

Not a professional writer? No problem! Once your submission has been approved, our editorial team will tighten it up so it’s ready to publish.

Before you begin, we do have a few guidelines that we like our contributors to follow:

+ As our site suggests, we are all about Veganism. However, that’s not just limited to what we eat or wear. Being vegan is a lifestyle. Generally speaking, those following a vegan path can’t but help look at other wellness aspects in their daily life. So while our main focus is on fashion and beauty, we know that wellness, health and nutrition are important to our readers too. Another area that would really interest is travel. Oh and we love opinion pieces!

+ The opening sentence is the most important so make sure it will jump out to our reader and be something they want to know. Will they continue reading based on the opener? And importantly does your first paragraph make it clear to the reader what the rest of the story is about?

+ It’s always a good idea to write about what you know. We love expert opinions!

+ Preference will be given to original work. However, if the article has appeared elsewhere, lets us know so we can credit it accordingly. On that, we’ll also always provide credit back to your own blog or site.

+ Please ensure any and all claims, statistics or studies that you mention are sourced and that you provide a link to the claim/source. If you claim a certain item is healthy, we need to know how you came to believe this.

+ Please include a high-res headshot, short bio and links to your site or blog (if required) along with your story. Without these important pieces, we will not be able to publish your work.

Submissions are to be emailed to and we’ll let you know within 14 days if your article is to be published. By submitting an article to be published, you’re agreeing to our contributor terms & conditions.

So, what are you waiting for?