Sash & Belle is a local label, created in Canberra by designer Kristy Phillips. It has a to-die-for vegan leather line up that you need to get on or across your body. The Vegan Company’s Beauty and Lifestyle Director, Shonagh Walker, recently took a road trip through California for work and took two of its offerings with her. Here’s what she had to say about ‘em.

“I was heading to California to write a few travel stories about road tripping through the Central Coast (near where Big, Little Lies was filmed). I had plenty of meetings with PRs, brand managers, hotel managers and restaurateurs along the way, so I needed a bag that would serve me well in an office environment, as well another that was suitable for interviewing people while visiting farmers’ and produce markets. Enter, the Perry Nappy Bag in Charcoal, $109.95.

“Why a nappy bag? I hear you ask … well firstly, I needed a carry-on bag for the plane that was big enough and organised enough to hold my travel documents, carry-on cosmetics and laptop (because work never stops, amirite?), but it also had to be stylish enough to take to meetings the second I stepped off the plane. Of course a nappy bag was my first choice! After all, who in life is more organised than a Mum with a baby in diapers?

“Perry fit the bill perfectly. With all of its compartments and pockets, I was so organised throughout the entire trip that I barely knew myself. I could reach for my phone, sunnies, lipstick or hairbrush and know exactly where to find them, each and every time. It’s also a bag that says ‘professional’ without looking too stiff or stitched up, so it worked a treat for all my pre-road-trip LA meetings. And as we all know, the vegan scene is huge in LA, so you bet I received plenty of compliments!

“On the actual road trip through Cali’s Central Coast (Santa Barbara, San Ynez Valley and Paso Robles), I swapped Perry for Sia, $79.95, a gorgeous vegan leather cross-body bag that also has plenty of pockets that zip up to keep valuables safe and within easy reach.


“In a gorgeous mushroom shade that matched back with all my outfits, Sia was absolutely ideal for strolling farmers’ markets and wandering around wineries (yes, it was a tough job, someone had to do it).

“Like Perry, Sia forced me to be organised, with compartments made just-the-right size for my sunnies, wallet, phone, cards and so on. Plus, it’s super light and easy to carry and its adjustable straps mean anyone of any height will love it as much as I do! Be sure to check Sash & Belle out!

“PS: While I’m here, I am going to give a huge shout out to Casey Bag in Berry, $99.95. It’s the most beautiful shade of grape and is a deep bucket shape/size to fit in all your essentials. It also has an array of compartments – some that zip up – and it comes with a cute little coin purse slotted cleverly in the front pocket. The only reason I didn’t travel with this chic number too was check in luggage limit!”