May 28 is National Burger Day, or as we like to say, National Vegan Burger Day. Who says a burger needs meat? Not us. Everyone knows that those days are long gone! But what to use in place of meat, you ask? Don’t stress … there’s more options for vegan burgers than there are Kim Kardashian selfies on Instagram, so you’re spoiled for choice.

We’ve rounded up what we believe to be to of  the best, so you can just relax and let your taste buds have a little celebration. Not only do these vegan burgers taste amazing, they’re healthier and come without the big dose of guilt (you get if you eat meat and dairy).

1.  Red Lentil Cauliflower Burger with Chipotle Habanero Mayo, Onion Rings, Roasted peppers. We’ve found Burger Nirvana. You can thank us later! From Vegan Richa

2. Smoky Black Bean Beet Burgers. Burgers, in our book, should be simple, nutritious and full of flavour. This ticks every box. The slight smoky flavour is a nod to traditional American BBQ, without the cruelty-factor, of course (great for anyone transitioning from a meat-based diet to a plant-based one). We love it, especially the bright hue that the beetroot adds to the patty, not to mention the nutrient power punch you get from eating it. From the Minimalist Baker

3. Vegan Curry-Spiced Sweet Potato & Wild Rice Burgers. This wonderful mix of vibrant flavours is based around sweet potato and has over seven grams of protein, so you’ll be satiated until your next meal. The patties are also freezer friendly, so cook up several and pop them away for an easy, delicious, nutritious weeknight meal. From Ambitious Kitchen

4. The Best Vegan Burger. If Jamie Oliver says it’s “the best”, who are we to argue? Packed with flavour and seriously healthy, from the man himself … Jamie Oliver

5.  Vegan Mushroom Bean Burger. Back in the 1990s, there was a TV ad that used the catchphrase, “mushrooms … they’re meat for vegetarians”. We’re not sure why it’s not still around, because it’s so darn true. While the mushroom packs a powerful taste punch, it adds awesome texture and cooks up perfectly. The addition of pinto beans means this burger is high in protein and fibre, too. From The Spruce Eats

6. Simple Black Bean Burger. Quick and easy. Tick. Nutritious. Tick. Delicious. Tick. What are you waiting for? Tuck in to this protein- and fibre-filled patty, from Fat Free Vegan

7. The Best Vegan Mushroom Burger. An easy mushroom pattie that doesn’t fall apart? Who knew it was possible? Served with caramelised red onions, mango chutney and fresh arugula in pretzel buns, this one definitely gets our vote! From Elephantastic Vegan

8. The Yummiest Veggie Burger. With mushrooms as buns and packed full of veggies, this vegan and gluten free recipe will impress even the pickiest of eaters. From Child Mags

9. Double Shroom Burger. Love mushrooms? You’re going to adore this smoky, charred, flat-mushroom creation. From Olive Magazine

10. Crispy Crunchy Burgers. We couldn’t resist adding one of our own, especially when it looks and tastes this good! Packed full of flavor, it’s yummy, crispy and crunchy – oh and it also happens to be the perfect lunch box addition the following day. From The Vegan Company.

Main image courtesy of Child Mags.

This recipe collection was first published on 6 August 2018, and has been updated.

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