Colourful, texture-rich and full of goodness, Nourish Bowls is a food trend that’s here to stay. Did we mention versatile? Yep, you can pretty much throw in anything that takes your fancy, so there’s no danger of becoming bored.

While these are popping up in café’s everywhere, it’s just as much fun (and super easy) to make your own at home for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Need inspiration? Here’s 10 of our favourite Nourish Bowls.

1.  Summer Glow Buddha Bowl. Once you’ve prepped the various veggies, nuts and grains for this bowl, it comes together super-fast. Try not to eat it as quickly – you’ll want to savour every delicious mouthful. Yep, it’s that good. From Oh She Glows

2. Vegan Mandarin Orange Creamy Coconut Smoothie Bowl. Nourish Bowls aren’t just for dinner or lunch. This beautiful blend of creamy coconut milk and coconut yogurt, with mandarin and bananas, will kick start your morning in a truly tasty style. From Amy Gorin Nutrition

3. Apple walnut quinoa breakfast bowl. Packed with protein, this also looks after your ‘apple a day” requirements. From Vegan Family Recipes 

4. Vegan Power Bowl. Brimming with superfoods to give your body and mind a boost on the days when you need it most. It’s not called Power Bowl for nothing. From Nourish + Bloom

 5. Nourish Lentil Bowl. A super-easy and nutritious option for lunch or dinner, this uses lentils as the base and is topped with roasted winter vegetables and fruits. It’s absolutely delish. From Sharon Palmer 

6. Super Green Plant-based Protein Bowl. Need a protein fix? This delivers. With 20g of protein, plus an abundance of healthy fats and complex carbs, it will keep you feeling satisfied right through to your next meal. From Nourish Everyday 

7. Green Goddess Fig Nourish Bowls. The savoury-sweet combination works so well here. We love the mix of super greens, healthy fats and fruits and nuts that are guaranteed to nourish you. Quick and easy to prepare, it’s tastes as though it’s sent from heaven (as its name suggests). From Cotter Crunch

8. Enchilada Power Bowls with Spicy Tofu. More like a deconstructed enchilada, this bowl is filled with plant protein and lots of Tex Mex flavor. From Full of Plants

9. Roasted Nourish Bowl. We love the simplicity – and the array of colours that this all-veg bowl brings with it. If you want to add some protein, throw in some tofu, tempeh or chickpeas. From The Veg Life

10. Vegan Nourish Bowl with Beet Salad and Bean Balls. Packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant goodness, this delectable dish also delivers iron and fibre. From Quite Good Food


Main image courtesy of Cotter Crunch.

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