Humans think that the mark of all intelligent life is uttered or written speech.
What if it wasn’t? What if there was a greater and more natural way to communicate?  A way that all beings shared whether on two legs or four?

There is a deeper, more profound truth in the unspoken space behind spoken words –a telepathic world if we can only just get quiet enough or interested enough to listen to it. Animals use this method of communication and us humans could do with using it a lot more!

Think for a moment, how much you use the telepathic world naturally day to day.  How often have you walked into your home or the office and just known immediately something was off before any words were spoken and then been proved right… Have you ever thought of someone and then viola! Their crazy face is now a notification staring up at you. Animals use that non-spoken world to communicate too and not just to ‘feel’ danger or find out where food is.  They use it to communicate intelligently.

In my work as a craniosacral therapist I often work in this quiet highway.  In that backroom-to-the-mind space with my eyes closed and my hand on a shoulder or over the heart, I gather more honest information than carefully chosen words or the ego could ever offer about what is going on in the mind, heart, body or spirit of another. In this realm I get about as close as you can to another being and often am able to witness why their life is playing out the way it is.  It’s like hearing the playbook behind the story the world sees and it offers a lot of advice and truth about what could be done to improve that person or animal’s health, happiness and wellbeing

The first time I had one of these telepathic conversations with an animal, I had been having these silent word conversations with people in my work for quite some time.  I would share with people what I could feel as I worked with them in session and some were more than a little freaked out when I would ask them who “Mike” or “Suzie” was (often an ex from years before) or when I’d ask them when they had had their surgery or a car accident, as I could smell screeching brakes or recognise the clicking sounds of hospital equipment as I looked at a knee that had been playing up for years. The body loves to hold onto old stories and traumatic moments and in that telepathic realm sometimes it just wants to tell you all about what happened and then it can finally let it go. The first time this telepathy happened with an animal though, it changed the way I looked at life and welcomed me into the vegan world.

I was visiting a client at her home one day and as I drove down the long driveway to her farm, I saw her there in the paddock brushing her horse. I got out to ask her where to park my car and she suggested I come and make my acquaintance with her friend. As I put my palm against the horse’s muzzle, I heard the words as clear as a bell in my mind ‘hot fetlock.’  Being ignorant of horse anatomy at the time, I stood there feeling stupid, unaware of what to do with the words I had been given and was also more than a little shocked that I had heard them at all! The horse looked at me for a moment and then snorted at me and nudged my hands impatiently towards his back foot.  As I gently placed my hands on that joint, I felt my palms full of heat and a prickling sensation, the same feeling I would often get when working with a person with arthritis or inflammation present in the body.

This was exciting and I was interested in what else he could tell me, so I asked the horse in my mind if there was something more I could do to support him.  I heard these words “If you didn’t stink like hamburger it would certainly be easier to talk with you.”

I stood back and felt ashamed and embarrassed.  I nodded to the horse and after finishing my session with the horse’s human, I headed up the driveway watching as the horse stood and stared at me until my car was out of sight.

I pulled the car over not far from the farm and took a big breath. Although this was more than fifteen years ago now, I remember the way the sun scoured my skin through the window as I sat there with my eyes wide and feeling gobsmacked.  I felt some big lies drop away; the lie that humans were some kind of superior creature over animals and the lie that animals did not have vast emotions or feelings. It blew my mind. I felt incredibly ashamed that I had been so ignorant of seeing animals as fellow intelligent and communicative beings just because they didn’t speak ‘human.’

Not long after, I went back to see that horse, this time and from then on with my belly full of vegetables and we had a much more powerful conversation as I stood with my palm on his back. This time, he didn’t want to talk about his fetlock but more about how he was feeling.  He wanted me to hear and communicate to his human that he was upset and distant with her because lately every time she climbed on his back her mind was angry and full of confusion about her relationship with her husband who had left her. He told me to tell her that he was worried about her and that she needed to stop these obsessive thoughts as they were making her sick and worried him too. That day, as the horse asked me to communicate that to his owner, I wasn’t brave enough to share with her all he had told me, but as time went on I was able to help many animals and their owners talk to each other about what was going on in the silent field between them.

It is a great joy to work with animals or humans and see anxiety, confusion, doubt and pain drop into a remembered calm peace and empowerment in the silent non-verbal field. One of the things that dogs often ask me to communicate to their humans is that they would like them to know that they appreciate ‘walking with’ them and their family, but are not so happy about being ‘owned.’  Humans are not so different in what they want from relationships either.  We all appreciate being with others in a lighter way. 

Over the last few months I have started gathering stories from Nature Guardians working to protect animals or the natural world for a new book called “Made Beautiful by Nature.”  In this honest sharing, experts in all fields of the natural world share what nature has taught them about life, why they are so passionate about what they do and what we could all do better as a species in our own small ways.  I often ask those who have a special relationship with non-human beings about this silent world of animal communication and what they make of it. From Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer, to eagle, spider or shark experts, the same words keep coming up. They speak of what a privilege it is to have these incredible non-verbal exchanges and that it is only ego that stops others from sharing these moments too.

As a child one of my favourite series of books were “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis where a group of children find a way to access a fantasy land where animals speak and they lead a battle to protect that world. The idea that there could be animals on our planet who carry an intelligence vastly superior to ours is frightening to many, but not if you understand how connected animals are with this Earth and how we live together on it.  We have so much to learn from the unspoken realm within ourselves and from the incredible creatures we share our planet alongside.


Veronica’s tips to talk to animals:

Animals are very comfortable with who they are and this is very different to the human realm.  There is often a sense of ‘needing’ things to go a certain way with human interactions and relationships, but if you meet an animal with that ‘needing’ mindset, you will not be able to hear them.

If you want to experience animal communication, it requires a very different approach.

The first thing is to have NO AGENDA. The second thing is to be completely present and calm.
With 80% of humans in the western world stressed to the max, this may be a very different way of being than your everyday ‘busy’ and thought laden mindset, so I’ll show you how to get there…
Sit calmly and comfortably.  Now, with that open respectful body language, breathe deeply – inhaling for 5 counts and exhaling for 5 long and slow counts a few times to calm yourself down to meet the animal at a level of ‘deep listening.’  Notice your shoulders – relax them.  Make sure your phone is away from you, so won’t create an interruption.
Now, place yourself near the animal you wish to communicate with, without making eye contact and continue the calm breathing.

Then, close your eyes if you need to, and put a picture in your minds eye of you sitting right next to the animal with them safe to share with you how they are doing.  Imagine that they can see that picture clearly.

Then go closer to the animal and wait.  Often the animal will come and lay or sit next to you.  If you feel drawn to bring your hand gently to a shoulder or their back do so, but don’t go into your usual patting routine.  Allow your hand to gently be drawn to where you sense the animal feels comfortable with you showing care.  You will then begin to sense and feel what is happening for them.  You may see images in your minds eye, hear words or as you look at the animal have a sense of where they are having trouble in their body and be drawn to place your hand gently there to show compassion and support healing.

It can be overwhelming at first when you begin to have these incredible conversations. Animals do enjoy having these trusted interactions with humans when they feel deeply heard.

Relationships with animals at this deeper level of honest communication are built on trust so in order for the animal to know they can trust you enough to share how they are may take some time.  If you don’t have any luck feeling or receiving any animal communication the first time – try it again a few more times over the course of a number of days with that animal. Animals will choose to communicate with others when they feel the time is right.

Veronica Farmer


About the Author


Veronica Farmer MA(Hons) BCST is a professional Craniosacral therapist, Intuitive healer and Amazon Best Selling Author of “Made Beautiful by Scars – Transformation Stories”.

Veronica has over a decade of experience working with world class athletes, professionals, parents and their quirky kids and the chronically ill. She also works with anxious or unwell animals and the humans who walk with them.

Veronica’s skyclinic, Angels Rest, is found in Southport on the Gold Coast although she works with people all over the world by phone or online. To find out more about the Veronica’s healing work, visit Angels Rest and you can read more of her writing at Veronica Farmer Healer.


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